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2017-2018 BC Dance Marathon Committee Member Application

Why be a part of BC Dance Marathon (BCDM)?

Dance Marathon has become the nation’s largest student run philanthropy.  Each year this event raises millions of dollars across America, benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH).  The philanthropic event gives back to the local community where Dance Marathon occurs, in the case of BC Dance Marathon (BCDM), all fundraising goes directly to Boston Children's Hospital and their efforts to treat and research for children who suffer from terminal illnesses, trauma, abuses, and accidents. Dance Marathon is a 12-hour event in which BC students come together for the kids. Dancers stay on their feet as a sign of compassion in order to acknowledge what these children continue to go through.  Now preparing for our 3rd year of BCDM, we are setting big goals for Dance Marathon 2018!

We are working to recruit a hard-working, passionate, team-oriented group of BC students FOR THE KIDS! By joining a BCDM committee you will develop skills in an area of interest while also seeing your hard work change the lives of so many others. Warning: Once you join BC Dance Marathon, your life might be changed forever due to the indescribable experience. Each committee will be led by one of the Class Council Dance Marathon Leaders. Please see below each committee description as well as the weekly day and time each committee will meet this semester.

As a committee member you will be expected to attend the weekly committee meeting, major BCDM campaign events throughout the fall and spring semesters (including tabling on campus), the fall semester half-day retreat, spring volunteer meeting (early February), and the entirety of the BCDM event on February 17th, 2018.

Note: We encourage those who will be studying abroad in the 2018 spring semester to apply to serve as a member on the following committees: Fundraising and Marketing.

Committee Descriptions


The Operations Committee oversees all operational and functional details of the BC Dance Marathon other major BCDM campaign events. The committee works with University officials and departments, as well as outside groups, to organize the space, equipment and miscellaneous pieces of BCDM throughout the year. Other responsibilities include coordinating the Miracle Week (in the spring semester), the minute-to-minute schedule for the BCDM event, serving as the primary liaisons with the Boston Children's Hospital families, training organization members for the Marathon, and leading Marathon setup and cleanup.


This committee is responsible for securing both on- and off-campus performers for all 12 hours of the Marathon and helping to organize for the major BCDM campaign events. They collaborate with other committees to help especially, the Operations Committee, create the minute-by-minute schedule for the Marathon, lead the planning for the Fall Kick-Off Week, and are responsible for developing new and exciting activities (including the Morale Dance), class competitions, games, videos, etc. to make for an active and engaging BCDM experience.


The Fundraising Committee serves as the liaison between the BCDM and the surrounding community. These individuals coordinate the fundraising efforts on the BC campus and in the greater Boston College community. The committee is key in fostering relationships and organizing sponsorship and donations with individuals and businesses in the community, organizations and alumni. This committee oversees the BCDM raffle and the donations for the BCDM event and related campaign events throughout the year. This in addition to coordinating and managing In-Event Fundraising at BCDM.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for all communication on behalf of the organization, both internal and external. The main responsibilities of this committee include creating, editing, and publishing written content, coordinating media coverage for the organization and its events, designing graphic materials for various applications, managing the social media accounts of the organization, and ensuring all members of our community are communicated clearly with via email and other outlets. Individuals within this committee will have the chance to work behind the scenes in development, or serve as part of the Morale & Recruitment team responsible for recruiting dancers, motivators, and volunteers to participate in the Marathon. Also included in this committee is the continual maintenance of organizational morale throughout the year.

Applications are due on Wednesday, April 26th at 5pm. Decisions will be made and communicated to applicants the week following the application deadline.

This form closed on May 1, 2017 11:45 PM EDT