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Welcome to Debate Society! This group is dedicated to debating and public speaking opportunities as well as building team bonds. We're not a high commitment organization, and you get what you put into it both for the social and academic aspects. Aside from the team, we're also composed of a club that engages in social activities as well as academic workshops and community service.

Portal Information


The purpose of the UW Bothell Debate society is to develop student skills in speech and argumentation while becoming a regionally and nationally competitive debate team. This student centered program will provide opportunities to develop skills in competitive speech, critical discourse, and argumentation. Further, this program will enhance student interdisciplinary research skills, critical thinking skills, along with oral and written communication.

Meeting Times This Quarter:
Wednesday 11-3 Food for Thought
Fridays 1:15-3:15 UW1-202



Organization Status


Meeting Day

Mondays and Fridays

Meeting Time


Meeting Location

Usually in the Library and announced on the Facebook pages

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Main Contact Name

Alex Tullar

Additional Contacts:

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(RSO are required to provide 5 officers,must be current UWB students.)

Alexander Tullar, President,
Matthew Benett, Captain,
Aidan Moran, Treasurer,
Cygourney Eugene,
Nate Blanchard,

Advisor Name

Denise Vaughan