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First Sailing Meeting 2015

Wednesday, Feb 4, 6 pm
The University Center; Ocoee Room

We will be going over the theory of sailing. Also meeting others and sharing ideas. Feel free to bring your friends! 

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Sailing Today!

Wednesday, Oct 29, 3 pm
ARC gravel lot, then carpooling

Ah Hoy Nauti Mocs! Practice will be held today. Meeting at the ARC gravel lot at 3:00 pm. Then we are car pooling to the PYC. Today we are focusing on close hauled sailing. Bring a rain jacket in case the rain decides to join in on the fun.

Joe Lindsay (423) 330-3915

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Wednesday Practice!

Wednesday, Oct 22, 3 pm
UTC, ARC gravel lot. Then Harrison Bay

Hello Nauti Mocs! Practice will be held today and we are meeting at the ARC gravel lot to car-pool at 3:00pm. Then we will venture over to the Privateer Yacht Club and practice begins at 3:30pm. Make sure you dress a little warm!! It's an amazing Fall day to be out navigating the open water! Call or text me if needed, (423) 330-3915

 Joe Lindsay

Sail Fast!

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