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Latin Social

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Thursday, Mar 19, 2015
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EDT
Vanderslice Cabaret RoomMap Location

These Latin socials are lacking in the Boston College community. By being able to create a space where Latinos could meet and spend quality time together, this would not only demonstrate cohesion within the Boston College community, but it would also serve to entice prospective Eagles during Latino Prospective Weekend.

As Director of Political and Social Action, I believe that having Latin socials would not only unite the Latino/Hispanic community at Boston College, but it would also provide a safe space for students to have fun. While OLAA is thinking of other events to promote social and political awareness, we believe that having these Latin socials would benefit in both spheres. We wish to combine the Latin socials with tech drives through an apolitical non-profit organization, Roots of Hope. By doing so, we would promote a fun, healthy way of socializing students while promoting a good cause to help Latinos become more connected via technology.

If students come to the Latin social without a piece of technology that they wish to donate, they could choose the second option, which would be to donate a small contribution. This donation would still be given to Roots of Hope to further their mission of connecting Latinos that do not have any access to internet. This two-pronged approach would open up the Latin community on campus while effectively helping the larger Latino community across the globe. Additionally, by doing so, OLAA would become affiliated with organizations that could help us improve or even help us plan future events.