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El Principio Mentorship Application Deadline

Thursday, Sep 17, All Day

Flyer with info. on OLAA's Mentorship Program application & deadline info

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OLAA's First General Meeting

Wednesday, Sep 16, 8:30 pm
Gasson 203

OLAA familia!

Come out and join us on our first general meeting of the semester, bring your friends your roommate and anyone interested in being part of our family! We will do a short presentation on what were all about and introduce all of our awesome members AND we'll have food!

See you all there,


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VIP Practice

Sunday, Oct 11, 8:30 pm
Plex Multipurpose Room

VIP is a Latin Dance Team that formed under OLAA. As a representation of OLAA's culture through dance, VIP requires dance space and rehearsal times. The team would benefit from this reserved space by allowing them to practice their techniques and prepare themselves to accurately represent Latin culture through dance. VIP does not only demonstrate OLAA's pillars through extracurricular activities, but it also informs Boston College students about Latin culture as a whole.This will allow...

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Limited spaces available

Latino Family Weekend: Closing Brunch

Sunday, Feb 15, 12 pm
Gasson 100

Join OLAA for an afternoon of delicious food as we bring Latino Family Weekend to a close!

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Latino Family Weekend: Annual Banquet

Saturday, Feb 21, 7 pm
Heights Room

Join us for a night of food and solidarity. As we come together as one Boston College community, we will celebrate Latino culture, lives, traditions, and much more.

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Latino Family Weekend College Gameday

Saturday, Feb 21, 1:30 pm
McGuinn Hall 521 Conf Rm

In an effort to bring families and students closer on Latino Family Weekend, we are hosting a game day! Bring any an all games related to your culture and let's all enjoy some fun before the Latino Family Weekend Annual Banquet. 

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Latin Social

Thursday, Mar 19, 8 pm
Vanderslice Cabaret Room

These Latin socials are lacking in the Boston College community. By being able to create a space where Latinos could meet and spend quality time together, this would not only demonstrate cohesion within the Boston College community, but it would also serve to entice prospective Eagles during Latino Prospective Weekend. As Director of Political and Social Action, I believe that having Latin socials would not only unite the Latino/Hispanic community at Boston College, but it would also...

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Hispanic Identity Panel

Thursday, Feb 20, 7 pm
Cushing 001

Students from BC will speak on the issue of Hispanic Identity within Boston College as well as the United States. They will speak about their own experience of identity at the panel and engage in topics ranging from classroom, residence hall, and social experiences. This will be an open discussion setting where attendees may participate and ask questions of the panel.

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Alumni Social

Saturday, Feb 23, 5 pm
McElroy Commons Faculty Dining Room

OLAA's Alumni Social is a networking opportunity not limited to students within the undergrad community, but also with alumni who move on to have fulfilling professional careers. Latino Family Weekend provides a great opportunity for current undergrad students to engage in conversation with Alumni who graduate and are now professionals in a field that current undergraduates aspire to be in. 

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OLAA Culture Show - Ayer y Mañana

Friday, Feb 22, 7 pm
Robsham Theater

The annual OLAA Culture Show is an engaging night filled with individual and group student performances that highlight a multitude of talents within the Latino Culture. This year's theme is "Ayer y Mañana: Somos El Futuro," which means "Yesterday and Tomorrow: We are the Future." This event is what brings the Latino Community and the families that come to celebrate that weekend together and reveals the beauty that is being Latino.

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Oscar A. Romero Scholarship Information Session

Wednesday, Dec 5, 6 pm
The Gate First Floor Lounge (Stayer Hall Room 110)

Oscar Romero Scholarship Information Session

Come learn about the Oscar Romero Scholarship. All years welcomed.

Food will be provided.

Date/Time: 12/5/12 6PM

Location: Gate First Floor Lounge

Scholarship Description: The Oscar A. Romero Scholarship recognizes a Boston College Junior who has demonstrated superior academic achievement, extracurricular leadership, community service and involvement with the...

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OLAA Culture Show Auditions

Tuesday, Nov 27, 6 pm
The Gate (Stayer Hall) - 6th Floor Lounge

OLAA will be holding auditions, open to the BC community, for performers to participate in the OLAA Culture Show taking place during Latino Family Weekend. Poets, Comedians, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, everyone is welcome!!

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Jennifer Sosa updated the event Vida de Intensa Pasión (VIP) Dance Auditions

OLAA, CSA, & AC Present Senator Chang-Diaz

Tuesday, Nov 13, 6 pm
Fulton Hall 511 Auditorium

Because of the upcoming election this November, it is imperative that students of colors are aware of the impact of their vote. To increase awareness of people of color in politics, Senator Chang-Diaz, a Massachusetts senator, will talk about her personal experience as a Latina and Asian woman in politics.  

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Hispanic Identity Panel

Wednesday, Oct 17, 7:30 pm
Merkert 127

OLAA will be hosting its Hispanic Identity Panel composed of students and administrators alike who will discuss what it means to be Latino and answer questions posed by the moderators as well as engage in meaningful discussions with audience.

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Hispanic Identity Panel

Wednesday, Oct 17, 7:30 pm
Merkert 127

A panel of students and administrators will reflect on what it means to be Latino on campus and in the United States. Audiences members are welcome and encouraged to ask questions and participate in the conversation. A/V set up is desired so the panelists may have microphones.

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Noche de Hispanos

Sunday, Oct 14, 6 pm
Corcoran Commons- Heights Room

The night will begin with a presentation from Teach for America and then lead into a discussion of Latino issues in the United States. The group will discuss the issues and rank which ones are most prevalent and why.

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Grito de Poetas

Thursday, Oct 11, 6 pm
Vandy Cabaret Room

El Grito de Poetas is a collective of seven diverse Latinos representing the Caribbean, Central and South America, dedicated to educating through creative forms of art. Based in NYC, culturally entrenched within the urban experience; they are firmly committed to spreading knowledge of their various identities, preserving traditions, bringing awareness to socio-cultural issues, mentoring and empowering the youth and contributing an overall transaction of wisdom and experience through the...

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Sociedad Latina to BC!

Saturday, Apr 28, 12 pm
Devlin 112 Devlin 216 Devlin 218 Devlin 117 Devlin 010

OLAA will be bringing in students from Sociedad Latina to Boston College to show them a real college campus as well as do educational workshops and panels with them. Sociedad Latina is an after-school program to uplift Latino youths in high school in Boston.

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Night at the Revolutionary Cafe II

Thursday, Apr 26, 7 pm
Vandy 6th Floor Lounge

Rev Cafe is one of OLAA's great traditions. This night, students have the opportunity to read poetry, prose, rap, sing, play instruments, do anything they want at the microphone to express themselves. Students are also welcome to bring their artwork to display. The second Rev Cafe of the year is also excited because this is the release date of Sabor, OLAA's literary magazine. Copies of Sabor will be available for free at Rev Cafe. And because this is a Cafe...

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A History of Latin Dance- OLAA's Last General Meeting

Sunday, Apr 29, 6 pm
Vandy 6th Floor Lounge

An interactive and fun way to end a spectacular year, the last general meeting will focus on the history of various Latin dances like the Tango, merengue, salsa, bachata, etc. OLAA's very own dance group, VIP will be there to show and teach the various dances. We are also working on getting traditional Salvadoran food, pupusas, at this event. It will be a fun and exciting way to share Latino culture through dance and food to end what has been a wonderful year.

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TAG Comes to BC!

Thursday, Apr 19, 5:30 pm
Devlin 010

The after school/summer program Talented and Gifted (TAG) is coming to BC to listen to a panel of first generation students from OLAA. TAG is made of up Latino high school students from the Boston area

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"The Hunger Games" OLAA's Annual Cook Off!

Saturday, Apr 21, 3 pm
Gate First Floor Lounges

One of the year's most delicious events, the cook off is organized by OLAA as the organization collaborates with many other culture clubs for some friendly competition. All the clubs bring their members to the event where all members are mixed together and put on teams to cook one of the culture's recipes. Then after everyone goes to their team leader's kitchen to cook, everyone comes back together to share all the incredible food everyone has prepared. T...

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OLAA Eboard Elections!

Sunday, Apr 15, 4:30 pm
Devlin 010

Candidates running for positions on OLAA's executive board for the 2012-2013 academic year will deliver speeches, their platforms, and answer questions from active OLAA members.

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Latinos in Poltics- Guest Speaker Councilor Arroyo

Tuesday, Mar 27, 6 pm
Gasson 302

Felix Arroyo will come and speak about his experience with politics and Latino issues on this special night. Mr. Arroyo is a Boston city councilor who will speak to OLAA members about current issues facing Latinos in Boston.

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