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Health Promotion Intern Application 2018-2019

Health Promotion Intern Application 2018-2019

The Department of Health & Wellness is now hiring Interns for the 2018-2019 academic year. Health & Wellness Interns work collaboratively in support of the H&W mission to use evidence based strategies to improve student well-being at UCSB. H&W Interns serve as liaisons to the student community and assist in the development of effective programs, services and resources.  Interns will work as a team and be assigned projects based on their interests, training, and campus needs.


  1. Work with professional staff to develop and implement health promotion messages and strategies within a public health framework.
  2. Assist with program delivery, including workshops, events, campaigns, field trips and meetings.
  3. Assist with marketing of programs and services, including print, digital, and word-of-mouth formats.
  4. Assist with office administration, including E-mail communication, telephone calls, data entry and maintenance, paperwork, filing, and organizing.  
  5. Attend weekly team meetings and meet with supervisor(s) as needed.
  6. Attend campus meetings and serve on campus committees. 

Spring Training (5-10 hours total. dates & times TBD) $12/hr

Fall Training September 17-27, 2018 $13/hr
Internship September 27, 2018-June 16, 2019 $13/hr


  • 1 academic year (Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter) commitment required
  • Work a minimum of 10-12 hrs/wk with additional hours available – pay rate is $13/hr starting fall
  • 5-10 hours of training during current Spring quarter (schedule varies)
  • Applicants must be available for training/planning beginning September 17th and work for the remainder of the summer to prepare for fall quarter
  • A limited number of SUMMER positions are available to  those hired for the following academic year
  • Appointments are limited to 4 quarters, including summers; must be registered students
  • Interns with excellent performance records may be invited to apply for second-year appointment
  • All positions require some late night, evening, weekend, and holiday shifts and may include Halloween weekend and/or Deltopia, etc.
  • All positions include special projects and duties as assigned



  1. Model H&W values: Review and acknowledge the Responsibilities, Expectations & Commitments document.
  2. Strong communication skills and logistical organization skills; reliable, punctual, professional, detail-oriented, and self-motivated.
  3. Computer skills (Windows, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Suite); Ability to appropriately and efficiently use communication tools (Outlook, Group ME, Google Calendar, Asana, text, etc.)
  4. Accessible to, supportive/encouraging of team members: able to work well with others under pressure.


  1. Knowledge of/experience in at least one skilled area of Health & Wellness (ie. nutrition content or photography or both)
  2. Interest in career in health promotion or related fields
  3. Basic understanding of the University and campus resources
  4. Passionate vision for H&W content
  5. Open to change and to giving and receiving feedback

HEALTH PROMOTION TEAM                                                                                                    
Internship Coordinator (2)
Advocate Coordinator (2)
Health And Wellness Chair Coordinator* (2)
Instructional Assistant** (2)
Health Promotion Intern (number varies)

Health Promotion Intern

Interns work together to assess, set goals, develop, implement and evaluate health promotion strategies. Team members should have a general understanding of H&W philosophies, have significant interest and education/training in at least one of the following content areas:

Alcohol & other drugs · nutrition ·  body image ·  sexual health ·  relationships ·  positive psychology ·  life skills (communication, conflict management, emotional management, etc.) ·  sleep ·  stress reduction ·   meditation ·  trends in college health

All team members work collaboratively to address each top topic throughout the year. Team members will be assigned topics, projects, and duties based on interest, training, and campus needs.  Responsibilities includes:

  1. Develop Awareness Campaigns & Events
    Work with professional staff to develop and implement health promotion messages and Intervention strategies. Review international, national, and local data (i.e. NCHA, CDC, WHO, etc.) to identify trends and incorporate into H&W programming. Research innovative trends in health promotion and apply new strategies on campus. Coordinate and organize events based on Health & Wellness outcomes (i.e. World AIDS Day, Love Your Body Day, NCAAW, Great American Smoke Out, etc.). Work with advisor to create budgets, request funds, admin paperwork, initiate timelines, order and prepare supplies and distribution materials & reconcile outstanding invoices.  Review and update H&W educational materials as needed.
  2. Staff Wellness Centers
    Interns will staff Wellness Centers at various locations on campus including massage sign-ups, referring students to campus resources and marketing upcoming campus events that promote well-being. Facilitate outreach to Collaborative Departments and campus at large to foster participation and promote campus resources and student well-being. Act as liaison to Housing, RA’s and Res Life staff to promote Santa Catalina Wellness Center as an open environment suitable for alternative programming and events. Manage inventory control, massage sign-ups, group communication, referring students to resources, promotion, and administration for each Wellness Center.
  3. Create Supportive Environments
    Use best practices to assess, set goals, develop, implement and evaluate health promotion strategies that improve and change living conditions to support health. (Isla Vista Outreach, the Fruit Bowl Project, etc.) Planning, ordering, preparing and evaluating healthy snacks. Oversee weekly distribution, pick-up, cleaning, etc. of 17 fruit bowls around campus
  4. Connect with Peers through Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions (Informal Contacts)
    Help UCSB students make healthful choices through health information, referral, emotional support, or direct assistance
  5. Facilitate Workshops
    Interns facilitate interactive health topic workshops for campus organizations and residence halls


  1. Intern responsibilities plus:
  2. Assists Health & Wellness Advisor(s) in the successful implementation of Intern programs and services
  3. Coordinates Master Calendar
  4. Schedules interns for required shifts
  5. Acts as a resource to both H&W interns and advocates
  6. Maintains consistent communication flow between H&W professional staff, interns and advocates by creating viable team communication (via GroupMe, Google calendar, weekly emails, etc.)
  7. Coordinates workshop requests and outreach requests (Spring Insight, Org Fairs, etc.)
  8. Works with advisors and Data Management Intern to facilitate the smooth collection of data to be evaluated.
  9. Tracks all budgets and expenses


  1. Intern responsibilities plus:
  2. Acts as a liaison between Interns and Advocates
  3. Recruits advocates
  4. Coordinates advocate training and volunteer opportunities
  5. Facilitates Wednesday night Advocate Meetings

*Hired from current HAWC cohort.  It is preferred that at least one HAWC Coord live in University housing.

  1. Intern responsibilities plus:
  2. Work with Health Promotion Team to facilitate programming in Residence Halls
  3. Serve as a bridge between Residential Life and Health & Wellness Programs
  4. Coordinate Health & Wellness Chairs (one selected student per building) as they provide information, programming and resources to their peers

Instructional Assistant**
**Students who have taken ED 191 W strongly preferred

  1. Occasional intern responsibilities (as time permits) plus:
  2. Assist with ED 191 W class, including attending lecture (4 hrs/wk), preparing with instructor (4 hrs/wk), holding office hours (2-3 hrs/wk), grading, record keeping and updating GauchoSpace Portal (4 hrs/wk)

Project emphasis and supervisor assignments will be made by the supervisory team upon selection of the intern team. However, most interns will work with multiple supervisors depending on project assignments throughout the year.

DUE Thursday, April 5th at NOON

This form closed on April 5, 2018 5:00 PM PDT