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AC Executive Board Application 2015-2016

Thank you for your interest in an Asian Caucus Executive Board position! 

Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 7th, 11:59pm.  You will be contacted about interview times shortly.

Questions: Please e-mail Earnestiena Cheng ( or HyunChan Jeong (

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Invisible Workers Banner Signing

Thursday, May 1, 10:30 am

This is AC's annual event to thank the various BC workers such as dining, facilities, BCPD.  

During the event, we will lay out banners that we have printed for the facilities, dining, and BCPD workers. We will have sharpies so that students can sign the banners, leaving messages of appreciation. The banners will be presented to the workers the following week.

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Asian Caucus Pre-Election Info Session

Sunday, Mar 23, 8 pm
Gasson Hall 205

Asian Caucus pre-election information session.  This is for all potential candidates and applicants for the next year's executive board.

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Thinh Nguyen updated the form AC Executive Board Application 2014-2015

Corazon and Benigno Aquino Banquet

Monday, Apr 28, 6 pm
Heights Room

This banquet is hosted by Asian Caucus and the Aquino Scholarship Committee to honor the finalists of the Aquino Scholarship, which is given to a junior who has excelled in academics, student leadership, and service within the Asian and Asian American Community.

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Limited spaces available

Asian Caucus Election

Monday, Mar 31, 7:30 pm
Merkert 127

Asian Caucus annual elections for presidential tickets for the upcoming school year!

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Asian Caucus Open Forum

Tuesday, Feb 18, 8 pm
Merkert 127

Asian Caucus presents a Townhall to discuss current and future initiative the organization is undertaking and to continue to engage the community.

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Aquino Scholarship Information Session

Wednesday, Feb 12, 7 pm
Stokes S195 Auditorium

Aquino Scholars Matt Alonsozana and Lucilla Pan, along with the 2013 Aquino Scholarship Finalists, will be explaining the Aquino Scholarship and fielding questions from potential applicants.

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Silver Week: Opening the Cabinet

Thursday, Oct 10, 7 pm
Higgins 310

As the culmination of Asian Caucus' Silver Week, the AC Cabinet will host an event discussing mental health, mental health disorders, and how to deal with them. University Counseling Service will also provide a brief presentation on important issues and what resources are available. Student leaders will share their own personal experiences in order to provoke thought and conversation.

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AC First General Meeting

Wednesday, Sep 18, 7 pm
McGuinn 121

Come to AC's first event of the year!  Get to know the eboard and all the exciting events and programs that AC has to offer including Freshman Formation Program.  If you are new, this is a great opportunity to learn more about culture clubs at BC.

There will be fun, games, snacks, and more!

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Freshman Formation Program Presents: Dodgeball Tournament

Friday, Apr 12, 6 pm
The Plex

Join FFP's Dodgeball Tournament!!

When: Friday, 4/12 6-9pm

Where: the Plex

Sign up in teams of 6-8 (with at least 2 people of each gender) for $30 by Thursday, 4/11 at!

All proceeds will go to the Birthday Wishes charity, which brings birthday parties to homeless children.

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Silver Week: Be a Friend

Tuesday, Feb 19, All Day

At BC, we are encouraged to be "men and women for others."

Well, today is your chance!

There will be table in the quad, where you can write and decorate an encouraging note. Everybody's message will be used to design a banner, so that everyone on campus can experience a little love and kindness throughout their week.

Let someone know you care! Be men and women for others by being that friend they need!

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Policy Caucus- Diversity Policy Meeting

Monday, Dec 3, 6 pm
Devlin 227

Asian Caucus will be hosting the weekly meeting of the Boston College Policy Caucus. This meeting shall be focused upon diversity policy and initiatives at BC. Namely, participants will be engaging in debate and discussion to come to a position the student body's perception of diversity. Participants shall include all student policy advocacy stakeholders, interested RSOs, UGBC ranking officials, and policy caucus staff.  

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Asian Caucus Reflects on Successful Fall Semester

Asian Caucus Members, Friends, and Stakeholders, 

As the 2012 Fall Semester comes to a close, we reflect on the immense blessings that have accompanied our tenure thus far as the 2012-2013 Asian Caucus Co-Presidents. Indeed, it has been the greatest privilege to serve the Asian and Asian-American student body and the greater BC community with the efforts of our innovative and dedicated executive board, the support of the eight Asian culture clubs of...


Hurricane Sandy Charity Casino Night

Thursday, Dec 6, 9 pm
Heights Room

Want to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy? Come join our charity casino night!

In collaboration with the Volunteer Service & Learning Center and the American Red Cross, Asian Caucus will host a charity casino night. There will be a small entrance fee, and all proceeds from the event will be donated to the American Red Cross in their efforts to help the Jersey Shore and affected areas of New York.

Join us for a night of blackjack and poker,...

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Wei Kuang Pan updated the news post Asian Caucus Introduces Spring Media Chair.

8th Annual "From Mind to Mic"

Thursday, Nov 15, 7 pm
Lyons Dining Hall (The Rat)

"From Mind to Mic" is AC's annual concert that celebrates the successes of Asian-American artists and entertainers.  After the concert, there will be a Q&A panel, so that the audience can get to know them better and can learn how their ethnicity has influenced their experiences in the entertainment industry. We hope that through this event, students can relate to our performers, be encouraged to follow their dreams, and challenge social...

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Matthew G Alonsozana updated the news post Asian Caucus Holds Successful First General Meeting

Asian Caucus First General Meeting

Sunday, Sep 16, 8:30 pm
Higgins 310

Want to eat delicious snacks while getting to meet new people?

Come to AC's first general meeting and learn about our fall events and initiatives!

Meet our eboard, play some games, and win some prizes!

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Voting Intentions: Decision 2012

Poll Results

Yes, I intend to vote in the upcoming election.
No, I do not intend to vote in the upcoming election.
I would like to vote but do not know how.
Total Votes 2

Asian Caucus Announces Revamped Freshman Formation Program (FFP)

As a primary initiative for the 2012-2013 academic year, the Asian Caucus Executive Board has decided to revamp, reinvest, and reinvigorate one of the primary services that AC offers to the community: freshman formation. Under the primary direction of Eric Phung '14 and Stephanie Ng '15, AC's freshman formation will be reformatted for the Class of 2016 in order to promote hands-on leadership experience, to foster closer connections and exposure to the AC...


Asian Caucus Welcomes Taiwanese Cultural Organization (TCO) as a Member of AC Cabinet

Last Wednesday, September 5, 2012, the Asian Caucus Cabinet voted unanimously to extend an invitation of membership to the Taiwanese Cultural Organization (TCO). Currently being led by Co-Presidents Mark Chou '14 and Max Chou '14, AC Cabinet positively noted how TCO stands to enrich the AC and BC community with greater representation of Taiwanese culture, increased collaborations within the AC community, and partnerships with a variety of external...


BC's Invisible Workers

Tuesday, May 1, 7 pm
Heights Room

Let's be men and women for those we see right here on campus everyday! Help us appreciate and celebrate the diversity of those who graciously serve us in dorms, dining halls, and buildings!

We will be showing appreciation for facility and dining workers right at BC, raising awareness for BC students.

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Splurts of Desserts

Sunday, Apr 29, 8:30 pm
Gasson 205

Cultural desserts event to bring together different clubs.

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LA Riots

Tuesday, Apr 17, 6 pm
Walsh Function Room

educational event on LA riots as 20th anniversary

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