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First General Meeting

Tuesday, Sep 13, 7 pm
Fulton 250

The primary purpose of JCBC's first general meeting is to inform prospective members, as well as returning members, about upcoming events planned for the fall semester and to give an understanding of the club's purpose and mission. In addition, we will introduce the eboard, and welcome freshmen into our community. 

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JCBC & VSA Joint Meeting

Friday, Nov 20, 7 pm
Gasson Hall 205

JCBC and VSA invites their members from each community to meet one another.

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JCBC & Anime Club Joint Meeting

Thursday, Nov 12, 7 pm
Gasson Hall 209

JCBC and Anime Club invites members from each community to meet one another.

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Haurmatsuri-JCBC's Culture Show

Saturday, Mar 23, 6 am
Heights Room (above lower)

Harumatsuri, traditionally Japan's spring festival is JCBC's annual culture show. This year is the centennial anniversary of the Japan giving the US the cherry tree so the theme of the show will be focusing on strengthening ties between the United States and Japan. There will be music, games, student performances and authentic Japanese food! There will also be performances from 10tecomai, a Yasokoi dance group from New York City and a local Boston Bboy...

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Day of Remembrance: The Unjust Internment of Japanese American During WWII & How it Affects Us Today

Tuesday, Feb 12, 7 pm
Higgins 300

On February 19, 1942 President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which authorized the forced relocation of 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry. For the past three decades, Japanese American communities have commemorated this and the events that followed by hosting Day of Remembrance events in February with the hope of spreading awareness of internment during WWII. And to send the message that the what happened was not just a string of historical events but a...

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Isshinryu Karate Workshop

Wednesday, Nov 7, 8 pm
O'Connell House

JCBC will be working with Alessa Natale to host an Isshinryu Karate workshop. Alessa, currently a Boston College junior, has studied the traditional Okinawan style of Isshinryu Karate for 12 years and currently holds the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in that style. 

Participate in this event to find out about the history of karate and to learn the basics of this form of martial arts!

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Japanese Health & Sports Day

Sunday, Oct 14, 2 pm
Brighton Field

Health and Sports Day (taiiku no hi) is a Japanese tradition that is similar to field day. Many of the events are track and field based, such as Shot Put, as well as cultural games and obstacle courses. Join a team to compete for 1st place or come and watch!

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Autumn Festival

Wednesday, Oct 24, 7 pm
O'Neill Plaza

Bringing the culture of Japan to BC by celebrating with an Autumn Festival! Through Japanese-style food, games, and prizes JCBC will present the atmosphere of a Japanese festival to BC students, all while providing a welcoming social atmosphere for all who are looking forward to the event, as well as passers-by.  

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JCBC Elections

Wednesday, Apr 18, 8 pm
Gasson (209)

If you would like to run for a position on the 2012-2013 executive board of the Japan Club of Boston College, please fill out a letter of intent at by April 17, 2012 at 11:59pm.

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Remember 3:11- Charity Ball

Friday, Mar 16, 9 pm
Heights Room, Boston College

Japan Club of Boston College & Electronic State of Mind present:

Remembering 3/11- Charity Ball

Come for a night of dancing and great music while doing charity! 100% of ticket sales goes to charity to help rebuild the homes that were affected by the earthquake in Japan. 

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Japanese Game Show

Tuesday, Feb 28, 7:30 pm
The Rat

watch four teams compete in various thrilling games for first place. Their tasks range from building a large structure of out chopsticks to... human tetris! We'd tell you more, but we have to keep them secret. Just know that you're bound to be laughing and cheering (possibly yelling and screaming!) if you go! Four e-board members will lead a team of four other general members

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JCBC Annual Harumatsuri

Friday, Apr 20, 8:30 pm
Gasson Hall Room 100

Every year the Japan Club of Boston College puts on its Harumatsuri festival, to celebrate Japanese Art and Culture. This year we will be remembering the events of March 11th, through information about the natural disaster, while featuring performances from Taiko, Dance Troupes, and Kendo to show the brilliance of Japanese Culture to the Boston College community. Come join us for this event with food, prizes, performances and fun!

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