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Organization Overview

The Japan Club of Boston College provides an atmosphere that welcomes all who are interested in learning about the various cultural elements of Japan as well as Asia as a whole. We host numerous events throughout the year in order to celebrate Japanese culture and address Japanese-related issues, drawing in both students from Boston College as well as our peers at Showa University in Boston.

Category Intercultural
Keywords Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese, Asia, Asian, international, intercultural, culture club
Primary Contact Name

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Jacqueline Fung

Primary Contact Title


Additional Contact Name

Greg Yang

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

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Ritsuko Sullivan

Faculty/Staff Advisor School/Department

Department of Slavic & Eastern Languages and Literatures

Organization Mission Statement

The Japan Club of Boston College strives to:

1) Explore the unique and multifaceted elements of Japan through the hosting of various cultural, social, and service-oriented events on campus for those interested in Japanese culture;

2) Raise awareness of both modern and historical political issues affecting Japan and consider their implications on the present and the future;

3) Reach out to and connect with Japanese communities and other university Japanese culture clubs located within the surrounding Greater Boston area.

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Upcoming Events

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