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The Annual African Student's Organization Fashion Show

Saturday, Feb 25, 6 pm
The Heights Room

Every year, the African Student's Organization puts on a showcase and fashion show, a night full of laughter, entertainment, and appreciation. We use this event as an outlet to present different African cultures and fashions to the student body. Our showcase is a way to celebrate our culture with both modern and traditional designs.

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Jollof Wars

Wednesday, Sep 30, 6 pm
Vandy Cabaret

This is ASO's first general meeting of the year

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PATU Tryouts

Sunday, Sep 13, 3:30 pm
McElroy 208

PATU would like to use McElroy 208 to host our fall tryouts. 

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BC Perspective student meeting.

Wednesday, Apr 22, 1 pm
Gasson 305

I would like to use this space to have an informal info session and questioning with Paul Bonitto for perspective BC students. 

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African Student Organization Fashion Show

Saturday, Oct 11, 7:30 pm
Heights Room Boston College

This annual event put on by Boston College's African Students Organization will pair contemporary and traditional designers from Africa and showcase different designs to the Boston College community and public. There will be a range of models, music and performances, We hope that this event also raises attention to a cause in Africa that we have not decided on yet. 

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Lovers' Lounge

Friday, Feb 14, 9 pm
Yawkey Center, Murray Function Room

Traditionally in Africa, love and relationships are restricted within tribal affiliations. In these situations, love was defined by parents and elders, and within a cultural community. Similarly in African American history, having relations with individuals outside the race was unheard of and frowned upon by the segregationist American society. In both cases, the search for love could not reach outside the boundaries of economic status, religion, and/or ethnicity....

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ASO Annual Culture Show 2013: Kiburi (Pride) !

Saturday, Apr 20, 7 pm
Heights Room

Our culture show will be displaying various aspects of African cultures from ALL regions!

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Lovers' Lounge

Friday, Feb 15, 9 pm
Boston College

Traditionally in Africa, love is defined by your parents and elders, and within a cultural community. The person is minimally involved in the making of this crucial life decision. Relationships were often limited to people of the opposite sex and did not reach outside the boundaries of economic status, religion, and/or ethnicity. In modern times, love is being redefined by attraction and personal choice. Through the Lovers' Lounge event, we will begin by...

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Breaking the Silence

Wednesday, Apr 10, 5 pm
Stokes Hall S295

This will be a panel-discussion with a keynote lecture provided by Bassey Ikpi, mental health advocate and founder of the Siwe Project. The Siwe Project is a non profit organization that works to promote mental health and wellness among Africans and members of the African diaspora. The goal of the event is to discuss mental health in African and other AHANA communities, and to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

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ASO Fashion Show

Friday, Nov 30, 7 pm
Boston College-Heights Room

This is an annual event where we showcase fashions from around Africa. We will open this event to the BC community and we will have a speaker.

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Taste of Africa

Saturday, Nov 17, 9 pm
Cabaret Room (Vanderslice Hall)

Taste of Africa is an annual event, which gives the BC community a chance to experience various dishes associated with regions around Africa. All food is free! This year, we will have speakers Sangu Dell, co-founder of African Development Initiative and Sociology/AADS professor, Michael Cermak.

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Limited spaces available
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