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Club members have the opportunity to meet and participate in guest speaking events with industry professionals, as well as network with real estate experts from the Fort Worth-Dallas area. Members learn about internships or full time positions in Fort Worth/Dallas, Houston and Austin. 

Membership dues are underwritten by our corporate sponsor, so there are no fees to join the club. 
Do not hesitate, join the TCU Real Estate Club today!  Membership is open to all TCU students regardless of major!

Your TCU Real Estate Club Faculty Advisor Leslie Purvis. Her email is

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This organization was created to help students build relationships in the Fort Worth and Dallas real estate community.



Organization Mission

Describe the purpose and mission of your proposed organization.

To help students build long lasting relationships with professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate community, while giving them external information about the Real Estate Industry.

President Name

President/Charter member of an organization must have completed a minimum of one (1) semester (Fall or Spring) at TCU and be in good standing with the University. Good standing is defined in the Student Organizations Handbook under Membership Requirements for Student Organizations.

Elliot Dow

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Leslie Purvis

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Must be a current student at TCU

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Open enrollment - students may join at any time

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