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Organization Overview

We are a joint campus, University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College student organization. As student leaders and ambassadors, our mission is to act as facilitators, promoters, and educators regarding sustainable practices. This includes ideas, information, initiatives, and projects on campus and within the surrounding communities. We are building a network that provides opportunities for interested parties to get involved and connect with each other regarding sustainability.

Category Political and Social Action
Keywords Sustainability Organization, UW Bothell, Cascadia, Bothell, Ecological Restoration, Friends of the North Creek Forest, Wetlands, Earth Day, Recycle
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Jozlyn Pelk

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President: Jozlyn Pelk
Vice President: Laurel Baurm
Community Relations & Outreach Director: Candice Magbag
Secretary: Becky Mathews
Representative: Nick Kane

Advisor Name

Tony Guerrero

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