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Welcome to the Social Work Club homepage!

The Social Work Club (SWC) is run by four students (the Executive Board) who are interested in serving the community. The 2013-2014 Social Work Club Executive Board is...

‚ÄčThe Social Work Club is about getting members involved and active within the community.  SWC is all about service; being a member does not mean that one needs to be or become a Social Work Major to be involved with SWC.

One of the best aspects of SWC is that we love getting ideas from our members and letting the members choose what it is that we do throughout the year. We pride ourselves on being a "choosing" club, which means that the members can choose what they want to be involved with and how active they want to be. This is why we rely heavily on our members ideas, because the more ideas that are available the more members will become passionate about doing service in their everyday life, not just for SWC.  Also, SWC is a great way to start building up a resume with service and leadership opportunities, whether it be just getting involved with Service Projects, Leading your project, or becoming a member of the Executive Board.

How can you get involved with Social Work Club?

It is very easy to get involved with Social Work Club, just click the "Join" button underneath our Profile Picture. Once you are a member of Social Work Club on Orgsync a whole range of possibilities opens up.

What are common activities that Social Work Club does throughout the year?

  • Caroling
  • Serving dinners
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy
  • Alumni connections
  • Giving Tree (Usually biggest event)
  • Plus many more!

I am a member of Social Work Club...Now what?

Once you are a member on Orgsync you can find all of the events, news, and upcoming meeting times for the Social Work Club.  Feel free to post any relevant ideas, articles, or happenings that are relevant to our community.  You can also participate in the To-Do Lists, Discussions,and Polls. Also do not forget that when you are a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior you can apply to become an Officer.

Service shouldn’t be another commitment; it should be a self-care activity!

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