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Welcome! This is the Forensic Science Club!

We are a club based on the interesting world of Forensic Science! Although, you do not have to be a forensic science major to be a member of this club! We not only want to focus on the aspect of further your interest of forensic science but we want this club to be a place to come and be active on the campus!


Portal Information


The Forensic Science Club is to not only further your interest in the fascinating world of forensic science, but we want to bring people with similar interest and passion together! We annually host a Murder Mystery Dinner which we put on for the entire school. We also are in the works of planning my different opportunities to further the education of forensic science. We are planning different speakers to come talk with us as well hopefully make another trip such as we went to the Allegheny Medical Examiners office to tour. We are a welcoming club for all majors interested in Forensic Science or similar fields!


Special Interest

Meeting Day

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Every Tuesday

Meeting Time

5:00 pm

Meeting Location

Crime Scene House AH 508

Main Student Leader Name

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Jordan Cook-Henry - President

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