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Hello there!

We are Zes Hmoob - The Hmong Alliance Association at Sonoma State University and we gladly accept everyone from SSU and the community to come and find out what the Hmong Culture and others are all about. This year we're going to be spicing things up a little bit, possibly literally. Though our club name stands for our ethnicity we're going to be more of a cooking club. So if you love food and want to cook and eat with us then it'd be in your best interest to join!!

And if that's still not enough, we're gonna be having an end of the semester trip to like an amusement park or something (we haven't decided yet). It's all going to be super fun so you should most definitely join.

Don't be afraid to ask us questions about our organization, our culture, and don't be afraid to join.  All are welcome in the Zes!  (Zes = Nest in Hmong)

Our club meetings are weekly on Thursdays at 12 pm in The HUB, located on the second floor of the Student Center.  Come check us out, I'm 100% sure you're going to enjoy it but even if you don't that's okay, we can still be friends :D

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Nyob Zoo!
Hello! We are Zes Hmoob; The Hmong Alliance Association at Sonoma State University. We strive to promote awareness and educate others of cultures through food!! All Sonoma State University students are welcome, as well as the SSU faculty and staff, and anyone from the local area.



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  • Thursday
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The Hub (2nd floor in the Student Center)

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