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Calling all students to start a disAbility student club (Open to All WWU Students regardless of identity or status)

To: Whoever reads this, 

 Hello, I am looking to start a disability advocacy club here at WWU. 

 As the campus is right now, there does not appear to be any sense of community among the students with disabilities or with their abled peers. 

It is not that solidarity does not exist, rather there seems to be a gulf hampering campus inclusion efforts.

As I am rather fond of rambling narratives: Starting an advocacy and cultural club could be a good start to greater inclusion.

Here are some possible benefits: 

Possible benefits:

  • Finding individuals with shared experiences
  • Share knowledge of barriers and how to advocate
  • Articulate a voice and have a say on campus
  • Find people who share other interests
  • Have fun and engage in activities

All students and identities and statuses welcome.


Please contact me at for interest and details. Students studying special education or advocacy especially encouraged to contact this address. 

You should try contacting the Disability Outreach Center in the Associated Students, I'm sure they'd love to help!