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Need help recording album

I have an album I need to record by the end of November or early December for my senior project, and I'm trying every possibility in order to accomplish this goal. This satirical Rock Opera is called "Magnum Opus," and it examines my time in college and what is to come after graduation. The main genre is Rock, but songs span Heavy Metal, Blues, and Funk. There are thirteen songs in total, of which I have one recorded. That's available here:

I'm hoping to record the entire album (or at least eight songs) relatively cheaply, if not for free. I'm still waiting to see if the audio program can assist, but this is open to anyone who wants practice recording or needs a project to add to a resume.
Likewise, if there are any musicians looking for a quick project or a chance at earning recording experience (another project on a resume), the door is open. However, I'd mostly be looking for Bass, Drums, and a second Guitarist.
*Must be able to play in alternate tunings (e.g. Drop-D, Open-G, etc.)