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Casey Hayden replied to the discussion PLSC 250 additional book!

PLSC 250 additional book!

Why hello there Vikings! So, first of all, I am a dunder. Second of all, if you are taking Donovan's PLSC 250 class, keep reading! I did the dumbest thing and bought his required books, and not Kamena's (which is the class I am in). Awesome. Lucky for you, I have the additional material, Debating Reform by Ellis and Nelson for a mere $10! You want it, you got it. It's used, so there's fun things highlighted and underlined but...honestly, isn't that helpful? Anyway, it's up for grabs! $10...

Keith E Harmon replied to the discussion Musician wants to form Rock/Blues band

Musician wants to form Rock/Blues band

I'm a guitarist, harmonica player, and singer/songwriter who wants to form a Rock/Blues band. I'm particularly looking for a bassist and a drummer, but other instruments/musicians are welcome. I've been playing music for over five years, so the more experienced, the better. To get an idea of my style, feel free to listen to some of my recordings:

Housing swap?

I signed a lease on a BEAUTIFUL 1-bedroom on N. Garden, minutes from campus, view of the sound, lovely historic building. Now turns out I will be living solo this year and I can't afford the rent anymore. I'm looking for a place for $750 or less, not in a complex and within three or four miles of campus. If you have a lease for such and you'd like to upgrade, to an IDEAL location and beautiful bright apartment blocks from WWU... the rent is $940 but worth every bit for a couple or if you...

How to Change to Your Preferred First Name at WWU and in OrgSync

Fortunately, Western and OrgSync both make it very easy to switch to a preferred first name. 

In the case of Western, there is just a simple online form that should take only about a minute to complete. You can find it here at the bottom of the page:   To update your name in OrgSync, just navigate to your personal profile by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of the screen and click the 'Edit Your Profile'...


Jansyn M Blake replied to the discussion NEED GRAD TICKET 2ND CEREMONY!


Iso one graduation ticket for the noon ceremony! willing to pay $$$ :) email me at or 2532027023! 


thank you!!

Need to Buy One Ticket for Summer Commencement!

If anyone has an extra ticket I am 100% willing to buy it. Please reach out to me at: if you have anything available! Thanks!

Need ONE Graduation Ticket Sumer 2016

I desperately need one more graduation ticket for ceremony 2 on Saturday August 20th, 2016. I have a baby nephew who needs to come with us but I was informed that even the baby will need his own ticket to get in the ceremony which is a big bummer. Willing to pay $$. Please let me know ASAP 2533201017. 

Odessa Zepeda

Casey Hayden replied to the discussion Interested in learning about third party politics?

Will Pay for One 9am Ceremony Ticket!

Begging for one extra summer graduation ticket for my family. Name your price! You can contact me at (425) 350-6624

Interested in learning about third party politics?

The None of the Above Club is hosting two meetings this summer!

The first one is on Tuesday, August 16th at 5 in CF 225. If you want to meet other people and discuss politics, especially third parties, come join us.

On Wednesday, August 17th, (also CF 225) we are hosting a viewing of the CNN Town Hall: Green Party. If you want to learn more about presidential candidate Jill Stein and presumptive VP Ajamu Baracka, this may be a good start.

Looking to buy or barter for Summer Graduation ticket

Would like one 2nd ceremony ticket.  Name your price!

Hey everyone! Looking for a two bedroom or two rooms with a friend!

Looking to move into a two bedroom for the school year or take over two rooms! Let me know, thanks. Two 22 year old guys and were are pretty clean too. 

ACCT 375 books for sale

Selling my books from ACCT 375. Federal Income Tax: Code & Regulations ISBN: 978-0-8080-4098-9 and Individual Taxation ISB...

WWU Students for Gary Johnson

At the end of May this year, Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, and William Weld, former Governor of Massachusetts, were nominated as the presidential and vice presidential nominees for the Libertarian Party.

Some of what they believe in:

Imposing term limits on Senators and Representatives Ending the War on Drugs Scaling back our military and foreign involvement Reforming immigration laws Internet freedom Decreasing corporate subsidies

A few of us are...

sofa's, chairs, junk...oh my

Please be responsible and do not put stuff out on the streets of B'ham for more than a day. Believe me the pickers are out there! If it's out there longer than a day you know your stuff is junk so dispose of it properly. It's your responsibility and no one else's to get rid of your junk. Let's not TRASH B'HAM.

Caitlin J Leonhardt replied to the discussion Need 2 tickets for second ceremony (desperatly)

Clara C Duffy replied to the discussion 1:30 pm Grad Ceremony ISO ONE TICKET

Elizabeth A Evans replied to the discussion Selling 3 tickets to 9am ceremony.

Selling one 1 PM ceremony ticket

I have on extra 1 PM ceremony ticket. Serious offers only. Asking 50$

Text me with an offer


Elizabeth A Evans replied to the discussion Looking for a Pair of 2nd Ceremony Graduation Tickets

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