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Welcome to University of Iowa Taekwondo!

Portal Information


Affiliated with Grandmaster Yong Chin Pak. The University of Iowa Taekwondo Club is devoted to teaching the traditional art of Taekwondo and respect for oneself and others inside and outside the Dojang.
This is both a physical and mental workout that will push you to your limits. We teach a variety of curriculum including forms, sparring, self-defense, Korean culture and working on cardio. Our sparing is World Taekwondo/USA Taekwondo Olympic style. We also attend some tournaments during the year.



Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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There are no membership/selection processes.

Name of Club President

Brynn Kyleakin Helm

Club President Email Address
Additional Club Contact Name and Position

Wade Carter, Co-President

Additional Club Officer Email
Practice Days
  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
Practice Times

6:30 PM

Practice Location

Fieldhouse Room S507

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