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Welcome to Neuroscience Student Association, a group of ECU students promoting neuroscience education and awareness in a fun yet instructive manner! We welcome all majors to join us; only an interest in the brain and neuroscience is what we are looking for :)

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The Neuroscience Student Association is comprised of dedicated students from diverse academic backgrounds, who share a common set of beliefs: (1) We are passionate about the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience, which has a broad reach extending into the fields of psychology, life and physical sciences, the humanities, public health, engineering, and biomedicine; (2) We actively participate in research involving all matters of neuroscience and engage in intellectually-stimulating discussions stemming from this line of scientific inquiry; (3) We espouse an attitude that centers around core themes involving care, community, and excellence in each other, academics, and the ECU community at large; and (4) We serve and educate the community about the importance of the brain-behavior relationship, and how it ties in to everyday life, such as normal behavior, neurodegenerative, and neuropsychiatric diseases! This organization is open to all majors! Service events, career exploration, peer mentorship, free tutoring, research opportunities, movie socials, and other engaging and enlightening events are on the agenda. We hope that you consider contributing your time, enthusiasm, and talents to the ECU Neuroscience Student Association, the *brainiest* student organization on campus!



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President Name (2019-2020)

Justin Riley Martin

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Treasurer Name (2019-2020)

Mychaela Brown

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Justin Martin

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Vice President

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Emma Worthington

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Additional Officer 2 Name

Eliza Varju

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Dr. Tuan Tran

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