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Chemistry Celebrates Earth Week

Tuesday, Apr 24, 1 pm
SB134 SB Auditorium

Dr. Fern Caka, the Chemistry Department Chair, will share her experiences visiting Nepal, during the recent earthquake there, and her environmental chemistry studies.

Will you be attending?
Limited spaces available

Julie Nance commented on the news post Jobs in Chemistry

Jobs in Chemistry

As part of the Chemistry Club's Professional Prep Series, this Monday, February 24, at 4pm in PS 207, our beloved Dr. Kevin Shurtleff will be speaking about his experience working in a chemistry field. If you come, we can almost guarantee it will be worth all efforts to get there!



Megan Macdonald

it's PS 107!

Julie Nance

Hey would you announce the next meeting - Monday the 24th at 3:00 pm is the Resume Workshop with Chemistry Club and SAW Club! Please join us- in SB 280. Refreshments provided! Thanks!


Wednesday, Nov 28, 4 pm
Please come to our CLOSING SOCIAL on Wednesday at 4:00pm in our usual meeting spot-the PS Conference room! Please bring a treat if you can to share. We will be doing some science demos to prepare for next semester, eating food, and watching a movie! This will be our LAST meeting of the semester! GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!!!!!!
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Megan Park commented on the event Why BYU?

Why BYU?

Wednesday, Nov 14, 12 pm
PS 203

Come learn about the BYU Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Programs from Dr. Matt A. Peterson.

Get Paid to attend Grad School!!!!!!



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Megan Park

there will be two sessions: one at 12:00 pm and the other at 6:00 pm

UCCU Family Festival

Nov 9 - Nov 10
the UCCU center at UVU

The BYU Chemistry Club wants to partner with our ChemistryClub in the UCCU Family Festival. It is Friday Nov 9th and Saturday Nov 10th. On Friday it runs from 3pm to 9pm and on Saturday it runs from 10am to 8pm. We will have some sort of station that US Synthetic has asked us to man for as much of those two time periods as we can. We will be running a slime reaction because it is safe and kids can handle it. Anyways, I think the main thing we will need is volunteers...

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Pansy Planting Party with the Orem Institute of Religion

Saturday, Oct 20, 9 am
Orem institute of religion at UVU
Hello! We have been invited to participate in the Orem Institute of Religion's service project this Saturday! This is perfect if you need service hours for professional programs and any other applications! Details: Pansy Planting Party October 20th 9:00-10:30am Breakfast and Hot Chocolate will be served Help prepare the Landscape and Flowers for winter event people and new friends Please bring warm clothes to work outside
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IMWSCC Grand Seminar

Wednesday, Nov 14, 8 am
The Grand America Hotel
From Ryan Roberts IMWSCC Chair Elect We will be having the Grand Seminar on November 14th from 8AM to 1PM at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. At this meeting Dr. Alain Thibodeau will be presenting “Inflammation Comes of Age” and Dr. Cindy Jones will be presenting “Biochemistry 101 for Formulators”. We will also be presenting the new IMWSCC Chapter Officers. We’d also like to acknowledge our 4th Quarter sponsors Glenn Corp. and Global Ingredient Solutions.
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Chemistry Club Professor Seminar

Wednesday, Nov 28, 10:45 am
PS Conference Room
We will hear from a member of UVU's Chemistry Faculty as they share insights about succeeding in school, and obtaining a job after the degree.
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Chemistry Club Seminar

Wednesday, Nov 21, 10:45 am
PS Conference Room
We will have a Professional from the Chemistry Industry coming to talk to the club about their experience and success in the world of Professional Chemistry. More info to come!
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Chemistry Club at the Clubs Bazaar!

Oct 24 - Oct 25
UVU Courtyard
Come get Periodic Table inspired cupcakes at the Clubs Bazaar! From 10:00-2:00pm. We also need a ton of help with set up! There will be cupcakes, t-shirts, and dry ice!
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Oct 25 win a free dinner party!

Thursday, Oct 25, 7 pm
Uvu gym
We Could Win a Free Dinner Party for our Club: Women’s Volleyball Game- Oct. 25, 7 PM The club that brings the most people will win a free dinner party!
Will you be attending?


Megan Park

Please come! This will benefit everyone of you can attend!

Scott L Armstrong

Sorry. I'm about halfway through my night class at that time.

Landon Hagloch

Sorry I have a biology lab 6-750

Megan Park updated the event Mole Day Shirt Payment Due

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