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Welcome to Student Involvement and OrgSync!

It is easy to understand that an undergraduate student may feel a little overwhelmed at times. The Department of Student Involvement at the University of Louisville is here to help you with this and more. A recent national survey found that those who participate in collaborative learning and activities outside the classroom are more satisfied with their education and are more likely to remain in college. Being involved in at least one student activity brings a sense of belonging and an opportunity to express your opinions that students who are not involved will never experience. If you live off campus, UofL’s extra-curricular activities are the perfect way to meet new friends and enjoy the education that you have worked so hard to be part of. It is your contributions that make the difference to our campus community.

With the multitude of organizations and events that the Department of Student Involvement makes available, choosing an activity that interests you is not hard. We have plenty of trained professionals and experienced students that will guide you in your activity of choice. Finding areas that give practical meaning to what you have learned in the classroom is just one of the amazing benefits of student involvement. You will develop leadership, time management, and organizational skills. Student activities at the UofL are essential for creating a network of professional and faculty relationships. It has been shown that students who spend time with administrators and professors outside of the classroom gain a stronger grasp of course material and are more likely to achieve a higher grade point average. Also, students who take the initiative towards involvement are much more marketable when searching for a job or applying to graduate school than students who only go to class.

Let the Department of Student Involvement show you how great your time here at the University of Louisville can be. Our department is devoted to providing you with the social and intellectual stimulation that every student needs. Whether it be Greek Life, Commuter Students, or the Student Activities Board the University of Louisville needs your participation. Make relationships that last a lifetime, satisfy your much needed outlet from studying, expose yourself to new environments and issues that will widen your world view, and most of all have FUN! Your full potential is “Happening Here” in student activities. GO CARDS!

Top Ten Benefits of Being Involved

- Higher GPA
- Learn Something New
- Stay in School and Graduate
- Make An Impact
- Meet People and Develop a Network
- Serve Others
- Build Your Resume
- Improve Your Skills
- Find Your Passion
- You don’t become a couch potato

Be Engaged — Get Involved

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The Office of Student Involvement is dedicated to supporting meaningful involvement opportunities for the University of Louisville community.

Some of the ways to get involved include:
Student Activities Board
Engage, Lead, Serve Board
Greek Life
Recognized Student Organizations
SOUL Service events
Leadership development programs
International Service Learning Programs
Concerts, films, cookouts, and more


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