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Welcome, U of I pre-med students!

Your new E-Board is excited to serve you in the upcoming year. 

We look forward to a great year full of opportunities to get involved in the community and connect with local health care professionals and like minded students.

Some ways to make sure you get connected and stay connected:

1. Connect with Pre-Med Club on Orgsync (with an email you use and check) and yup, you found it!

2. Make sure to go into your settings and put what year you are (Fr, So, Jr, Sr) as this is one way we will try and connect cohorts; meeting with Alton and letting him know works as well

3. Let a club officer know of anything you would like to see, need, etc... especially as these may be things others want but haven't mentioned yet! Thanks!

Study hard, come hang with other pre-meds when you can, meet Alton and your Pre-Med E.Board, and get to know some other pre-meds who can study with you, understand we all get excited about weird things like IVs and blood, and will help keep you on track.

Don't forget to relax and have fun sometimes, get connected, and you'll have a great experience here at U of I as a pre-med.

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