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Annual Honey Sale

Friday, Dec 7, 11 am
Lighty Cafe Atrium

It's that time of year again! We will be selling our bottled honey in the Lighty Cafe on December 7, 2018 from 11am - 1pm.

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Insect Expo

Saturday, Apr 7, 10 am
Ensminger Pavilion, Pullman WA

This is an annual event held by EGSA to give the community of Pullman a chance to learn about insects. At this event we will have display cases of insects from around the world, arthropods for handling, face painting, insect races, coloring, and a group of graduate students ready to help with any insect related questions. It is a fun event for the entire family, and kids have a great time!

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Annual Honey Sale

Friday, Dec 1, 11 am
Lighty Cafe

The Entomology Graduate Student Association is holding our annual honey sale! We will be selling honey on the ground floor of Lighty near the cafe on December 1st from 11am - 2pm. If we don't sell out, then we will repeat the sale at the same location and time on December 8th.

Honey will be sold for $8 for one pound, or $15 for a two pound bottle.

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A Growing Concern: Women Farmers Sustaining Agriculture and the Environment by Mary Barbercheck

Monday, Mar 20, 2 pm
FSHN T-101

Mary Barbercheck of Pennsylvania State University will be speaking on environmental agriculture issues and women's issues in sustainable agriculture as part of the Entomology Graduate Student Association Student Choice Speaker series.

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Insect Expo

Saturday, Apr 1, 10 am
Smith Center (CUE) Atrium

The Entomology Graduate Student Association is hosting our annual Insect Expo. We will have activities for insect enthusiasts of all ages! 

Various craft activities Cockroach racing "Touch a bug" station Visual insect displays Snack table
This event does not require an RSVP.

Honey Sale

Thursday, Nov 17, 10 am
Lighty Cafe Atrium

The Entomology Graduate Student Association sells honey generated by our department apiary every year as a fundraising effort. We put these funds toward programming and events, and also toward inviting guest speakers to WSU to give public talks and meet with our graduate students to discuss career pathways.



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Insect Expo

Saturday, Apr 23, 10 am
Smith Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE) Atrium

The Entomology Graduate Student Organization will be hosting our annual Insect Expo! We will be bringing live insects, insect displays, posters, and handouts to share with students and the general public! We will also have craft activities, edible insects, kits to take home and grow your own insect, and games! Please come chat with entomologists about your insect questions, and make friends with some cool new critters!

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WSU Entomology Graduate Student Assocation Annual Honey Sale

Wednesday, Dec 9, 9 am
Lighty Cafe

It's time for the EGSA Annual Honey Sale! Honey from WSU's Apiary makes a great holiday gift. $8 per pound. Come to Light Cafe on Wednesday December 9th from 9am until we run out of honey!

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Insect Cinema Cult Classic

Friday, Apr 19, 5:30 pm
Todd Hall 276

Join the Entomology Department for an evening of insect-themed cartoons and horror movies! The first showings will be family-friendly, with scarier movies to follow. There will also be insect displays for viewing before the show and during intermissions.

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Insect Expo

Saturday, Apr 20, 10 am
Ensminger Pavilion

Join the EGSA for a day of family fun! Activities include insect-themed crafts, cockroach races, and live insect displays.

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EGSA Honey Sales

Friday, Dec 7, 10 am
Lighty Atrium

This is for the annual EGSA sale of WSU hive honey. One pound bottles are $5 and two pound bottles are $10. Proceeds support EGSA events, including the Student Choice Speaker and the Insect Expo.

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6th Annual EGSA Student Choice Speaker Formal Talk

Wednesday, Feb 22, 12 pm

Dr. Gary Chang from Gonzaga University will be giving a talk on "Entomology as a part of the whole:urban ecology at an undergraduate university"

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Christine A Lynch commented on the event Ladybird beetle congregation

Ladybird beetle congregation

Oct 19 - Oct 31
Moscow Mountain

A previous student believes Dr. Brown said, ladybird beetles migrate to Moscow Mountain to hibernation sites in late October.  He found them in ravines on the North side of Moscow Mountain , out of Viola. 

The student thought EGSA might want to take a trip there to see this congregation of ladybird beetles.

Thought you all might be interested.

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Christine A Lynch

Our lab usually collects them each year up on Moscow mountain. I may have a map is anyone is interested.

Faculty Blitz

Friday, Oct 28, 3 pm
FSHN 354 and WECN dial in ...

Faculty will give a one-minute presentation on their research.

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Teah J Smith

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