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Wanted: RAs

Wanted: RAs For Next Year!!!

Dependable, ambitious, and sincere men and women are needed to work as Resident Assistants at La Sierra next year. Why are positions for next year being announced when this academic year is just now getting underway? Because there are many things you need to consider about this job before deciding to apply for it.

What is an RA?

A Resident Assistant is a peer-level academic advisor, informal counselor, program facilitator, disciplinarian, and friend to the residents in his or her hall. They are the day-to-day contact person and the key to success of the Residential Life program.

Interested applicants must meet the minimum qualifications:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Previous experience living or working in a residence hall
  • Sophomore class standing (completed 44 units), upper class person preferred
  • Genuine concern for people and a desire to work with them
  • Limited outside activities and commitments

Many students apply for these positions. To be considered a viable candidate, you will need to prepare yourself for the job. You can enhance your chances of getting an RA position in many ways. You might want to work at the front desk, be active on your floor or in your building, get involved in student government, and become acquainted with your Dean and RA. Additional preparation may include classes in psychology or peer counseling, development of leadership techniques, and experiences in group dynamics.

Position Announcements

The position announcements for the next year will be released during the winter quarter. At that time, you may complete an application online. The RA position is a very rewarding job, and your success or failure depends on what you are willing to invest!