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Small Worship Group Guidelines

Our goal is for La Sierra University to be a redemptive community of grace, fostering the spiritual growth of all students, faculty, staff, and administration. A variety of worship options are available on campus of which the small worship group is one. In small groups, where people come to understand and support each other, it is more difficult to become discouraged and drop out without being noticed by someone who cares. Small groups, by their very nature, foster more opportunity for spiritual learning and stimulating interactions.

Below you will find the guidelines appropriate for small group worship. These worships can include all LSU students – commuters and residence hall students alike. Petitions to lead a small group worship should be submitted to your Dean before the quarter begins or up to the last day to register for classes at the beginning of a quarter. Groups can be co-ed with 3 or more individuals:

  • Maximum of 10-12 participants. If the group grows beyond 12, you are encouraged to split and keep growing. If the group attendance falls below 4 on 2 consecutive weeks, the group is automatically dissolved.
  • A faculty member, staff member, or administrator is to mentor each group.
  • The group should meet each week for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Place is to be determined by the group.
  • Each group will have a student leader(s) who will, among other duties, take record by individual signatures and turn this list in after each meeting to your residential Dean. An appropriate attendance form is available through the Dean.

Two basic types of groups will be available to fit the personal needs of all those participating. You must choose one. These are:

Relational Bible Study Groups

  • To study the Bible in ways that help us apply it to our personal lives.
  • To support one another in prayer.
  • To share with and trust others in ways that are supportive.
  • To gain skills that enable us to talk comfortably with unbelievers about our experiences in Christ.

Discussion Group

  • To discuss religious topics of interest chosen by the group and its mentor, such as intellectual inquiry into a current religious question.
  • To discuss and study the Bible, such as chapter by chapter study, or study of a verse of special interest.

Once you have all your information approach one of the deans to petition for your small group worship. Upon approval, you may begin!

Campus Worship Schedule

Small Worship Group Petition