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Clayton Burton
Feb 10, 2017

'sending FUOC love your way

Feb 10, 2017 by Clayton Burton

BIG shout out to everyone who went on the ski trip this weekend. It could not have gone better! I loved getting to know so many of you!

Do you have climbing gear checked out? We need it because Belay your Bae is this Sunday February 12th! Grab yourself a Bae (a friend, a frienemy, a Valentine, your favorite professor, an adopted grandparent from the Woodlands...or not), put on your leggings or comfortable pants, and get ready for a beautiful day climbing (weather in the upper 60s) at Rocky Face Recreational Area. There will be people to teach you if you have never climbed outdoors or belayed, so come! The trip will depart from the Rabbit Hole at 7:00am. It takes 2.5 hours to get there. Either eat breakfast before or bring yourself something in the car because we don't want to stop on the way there (optimize the climbing time!). Also, be sure to bring a lunch, water, and any snacks you may want (stock up on those protein bars from the PDen). The trip will get back around 5:00/6:00pm. Email or text Maia to RSVP ( or 803-322-2143).

Next weekend is our intro to backpacking trip going from Carver's Gap to 19E on the Appalatian Trail (13.5miles). Anyone is welcome to join no matter if you have backpacked before or not. It will be a beautiful section of the AT right on the border of NC and TN. The trip will leave Saturday February 18th and get back February 19th, most likely in the late afternoon. If you do not have a good cold weather sleeping bag/gear, please go ahead and email our trip leader, Susie Wold ( FUOC does have bags and tents for rental, but we want to know who has them already. Go ahead and email Susie anyways if you are thinking about going on this sick trip so she can start planning the trail dinner!

Recap on the upcoming trip dates:
Friday February 24th (10:00pm)- February 25th: Lock in at Climb Blue Ridge

March 2nd: FUOCinema outdoor movie night

March 24th: Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour


Turn in that climbing gear!!

FUOCing yours,
Rachel Goding
FUOC Secretary

"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you." -Will Rose
"...So grab a bae...or three." -Rachel Goding