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Locker Rental Application & Agreement

Rental Terms and Conditions:

  • Only one locker per organization.
  • No exchanges of lockers once assigned.
  • CSM will not accept responsibility for damage or loss of the contents of any locker.
  • Upon assignment and during use, students are held responsible to report any damage or needed repairs to the Student Activities office. If your locker door does not open or shut properly, do not force it; report it immediately.
  • Do not store anything of high value (e.g. money or personal items). 
  • Flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, explosives or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the lockers.
  • Illegal or controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol are also strictly prohibited.
  • The Student Activities Office reserves the right to open a locker with or without the consent of the renter in instances where locker procedures are being abused or in the case of an emergency situation
  • Lockers are to be cleaned out at the end of school year. Notices to vacate lockers will be sent out via email a few weeks prior to the deadline.
  • Any lost /damaged locks will result in a charge of $200 to your personal student account to cover the cost of replacement. 

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