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Learn Chinese Characters in the Quad

Friday, Oct 25, 12 pm
The Quad at Boise State

Interested in learning how to write Chinese characters? Want to be able to brag to friends and family that you can write some basic Chinese? Chinese Club will be showing students how to write basic characters and/or sentences with sidewalk paint in the quad. No need to know any characters, as the club will provide pictures and explanations of how to write characters. 

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China Night

Saturday, Feb 16, 6:30 pm
Jordan Ballroom

Boise State Chinese Club will hold its annual Chinese New Year Celebration dinner and performances. We invite students, faculty, and members of the community to come celebrate and eat with us.

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China Night

Sunday, Feb 11, 6 pm
Student Union Building, Jordan Ballroom

Join Chinese Club in our celebration of the Chinese New Year. We host a dinner and cultural show including performances from student groups and the local community. 

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Mid-Autumn Festival

Sunday, Oct 8, 11:30 am
China Buffet

BSU Chinese Club is hosting a picnic to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Join us for food, traditional moon cake, and festivities while we celebrate this Chinese Holiday with friends. All students are welcome to join regardless of whether you are in Chinese Club or not--so bring your friends! This year, we will be going to China Buffet on Fairview in Boise on October 7th at 11:30 am for Lunch. Chinese Club members are free, guests etc. are $12.

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Community Invovement Spring 2013

Boise State’s Chinese club has been busy this spring sharing Chinese culture, language, and history with the Treasure Valley. On March 14th BSU Chinese club officers Maggie Ooi and Tori O’Neal paid a visit to The Village Charter School in Boise, where they talked to 6-8th graders about China. In addition to discussing the language, history, traditional clothing, and food, the students got to try their hand at using chopsticks after a brief lesson from...


"Wedding Banquet" movie at International Education Week

Monday, Nov 12, 1:30 pm
Student Union Trueblood Room

BSU is having International Education Week, and Chinese club will be kicking it off with a movie!

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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Picnic

Friday, Sep 28, 5 pm
Agricultural pavilion in Julia-Davis park

We are celebrating one of the three most traditional Chinese festivals: the Mid-Autumn festival! Cross the friendship bridge and head left and you wil see a pavilion; we will have food and cake and drinks for all interested students!

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