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Welcome to the Student Government Association Page! We strive to serve the students in any capacity we can and welcome any or comments you have. Please visit our page and contact us if you have any input.

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The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official governing body of the Louisiana Tech University Student Association (the student body) and consists of three branches; the Student Senate, Executive Branch, and the Supreme Court. The organization is responsible for the Welcome Week/Dawg Haul activities, Homecoming Week, the Big Event, short term student loans, voter registration drives for the student body, and other various activities throughout the year.



Campus Mail Box


Advisor Name

Wes Cavin

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President Name

Matthew Flynn

President Phone

(318) 553-2257

Vice President's Name

Chris Ward

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Organization Constitution

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Organization's Statement of Purpose

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The purposes of this organization shall be as follows:

-To serve as a channel of communication to the faculty and administration and to all levels of state government as to the opinions, wishes, and needs of the student body.

-To establish policies affecting the University community in cooperation with the administration, faculty, and the State of Louisiana.

-To establish and execute such programs and projects beneficial to the students.

-To promote and improve relations between the Ruston area and the students of Louisiana Tech University.

-To conduct such investigations and inquiries deemed necessary from time to time to implement the above causes.