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Welcome to Mock Trial!

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Welcome to Fordham University Mock Trial.

Established in 2001 under the Pre-law Society, Fordham University Mock Trial is a program run by students for the advancement of students. Fordham University Mock Trial allows those students in the Fordham community who share an interest and appreciation in all that mock trial has to offer to come together to become part of the competitive and educational experience that the American Mock Trial Association provides. With the assistance of Fordham University alumni as well as supporting attorneys from the community, we as a team hope to further our presence on the Rose Hill Campus as well as in the court room.

Fordham University Mock Trial is unique in that unlike most other college mock trial teams, Fordham University is an entirely student run organization, with no coach to train team members. Instead, Fordham Mock Trial relies on the relationship of more experienced upperclassman to act as mentors and as a support for newer members. As a result, Fordham Mock Trial case theories are a community collaboration of ideas, allowing students to learn from one another, and develop their own skills.

Though a highly competitive national team, Fordham University Mock Trial continues to keep strong dedication to educating members beyond competition. Fordham Mock Trial is dedicated to helping members improve their debate skills, public speaking abilities, and knowledge of the law.

All current Fordham undergraduates are eligible to join the Fordham University Mock Trial team. It is not necessary to have any prior experience in mock trial or law. Many very successful members on the team have come to the program with no previous experience.

Students with any interest in law or debate, as well as experience in public speaking and theater, are encouraged to tryout or visit our Prospective Members page for more information.


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