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the paper is Fordham University’s student journal of news, analysis, comment, and review. Our aim is to give the Fordham community fresh insights on old issues, new thoughts on new issues, and information that other campus publications may not be able to report. Basically, if we make you laugh, angry, or move you in some way, then we’re doing our job.

We hold open staff meetings Tuesdays at 9:00pm in the second floor of McGinley. Articles and letters to the editor may be submitted via e-mail to, or scrawled incoherently in white-out on the back of a napkin. Submissions are always considered, usually printed, and occasionally used to make origami rhinoceroses.

You can find all our inane ramblings at

Our staff

Editors-in-Chief: Claire Nunez & Colleen Burns

Executive Editor: Michael Jack O'Brien

News Editors: Andrew Millman & Christian Decker

Opinions Editors: Hillary Bosch & Jack Archambault

Arts Editors: Annie Muscat & Meredith McLaughlin

Earwax Editor: Marty Gatto

Features and List Editors:  Olivia Langengberg 

Copy Editors: David Kennedy & Robin Happel

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Fordham University's journal of news, analysis, comment, and review.



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