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Ramblergram Tabling

Feb 10 - Feb 13
McGinley Lobby

The Ramblers are looking for an opportunity to table in McGinley in order to sell our annual Valentines Ramblergrams. Ramblergrams will be available for purchase for any student or faculty member at Fordham, and all will be delivered at some time on February 14th. The grams themselves will be short performances of one of our songs, sent from one individual to another. 

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Ramblers Spring Weekend Concert 2018

Friday, Apr 27, 7 pm
Keating 1st

The Ramblers will host their semester concert on the Friday of Spring weekend, April 27th for the benefit of the Fordham community. We will perform our entire set list, as this is the culmination of an entire semester's work for the Ramblers. All friends, family and members of the Fordham community are allowed to attend as we perform. 

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Ramblers Winter Concert 2017

Friday, Dec 1, 5 pm
Fordham Prep- Leonard Theatre

The Ramblers will host our final semester concert to showcase the music we have practiced for our peers, families, and friends in the Fordham community in Leonard Theatre in Fordham Prep. The Ramblers will sing three sets with short intermissions featuring other undergraduate performance groups from Rose Hill. 

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Saturday, Feb 22, 1 pm
Rutgers University

The Ramblers will be traveling to Rutgers University to perform in the ICCAs quarter-final. 

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Valentine's Day Gram Sale

Thursday, Feb 13, All Day
McGinley Center

The Ramblers will be selling singing Valentines for Valentine's Day. 

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Spring Concert

Friday, Apr 25, 7 pm
Fordham prep

Fordham Ramblers' Spring Weekend Concert

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Acapella Christmas Concert

Sunday, Dec 9, 2:30 pm
Fordham Prep

Acapella Christmas concert for all five acapella groups at Fordham

This event does not require an RSVP.

Acapella Teaser Concert

Saturday, Oct 27, 7 pm
Collins Hall

Acapella fall teaser concert, featuring the Fordham B-sides, Fordham Ramblers, and Fordham Satin Dolls. 

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Ramblers Fall Concert

Friday, Dec 7, 7:30 pm
Fordham Prep Leonard Theater

Fordham Ramblers Fall Concert

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Thursday, May 3, 7:30 pm

Rehearsal Space. 

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