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The Fordham Hellenic Society celebrates Hellenic heritage by sponsoring and organizing programs and activities that promote and preserve the values and ideals of our Hellenic culture thereby enriching our Fordham community. The Hellenic Society is open to the entire Fordham Community and not only members of Hellenic background. Please contact us at


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The Fordham Hellenic Society is focused on bringing together those interested in preserving and promoting the Hellenic heritage and culture. Membership is open to all Rams not only those of Hellenic descent. Together all members unite in a relaxed, friendly environment to exchange ideas, share authentic Greek food, attend Greek-oriented events and learn traditional dances through lessons offered during the year. We work closely with the Greek chapters of various charity organizations and foundations to instill the strong Jesuit values that are encouraged and are fostered here at Fordham as men and women for others.
The Fordham Hellenic Society also hosts their annual Greek Night event which allows about 450 students, family, and friends from numerous states to come together and celebrate our Greek culture and heritage. The evening offers a special performance by the talented members of the Hellenic Society in addition to Greek food, music, dance, and the Greek custom of xenia, the hospitality of inviting those outside the club to appreciate and celebrate in the Greek style.



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