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The International Business Association’s mission is to embrace diversity, raise cultural awareness, connect students with international business sectors and enable students to become proficient in global business. It is geared for undergraduates who aspire to get their foot in the door at some of New York’s most interesting international firms and organizations.

Association members who pursue the Gabelli School of Business’s secondary concentration in international business receive an international business designation on their diplomas at graduation, which offers a competitive edge in the workforce. Attending International Business Association meetings is among the requirements for the secondary concentration.

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The purpose of The International Business Association at Fordham University is to explore and learn how countries other than the United States conduct business. We wish to deepen our members' appreciation of international business by looking at the myriad aspects of various cultures including the social, political, religious, and entrepreneurial. We also seek to foster an understanding of how each country plays an integral part in the global economy. Our organization will be useful not only to those pursuing a career in international business, but to any Fordham student who wishes seek an understanding of how business is conducted around the world.



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