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 Welcome to ALPFA!

We are proud to say that we are an organization here to serve you!

If your interests include:

  • Graduating with a job upon graduation...ALPFA is for YOU!

  • Having access to a large network of professionals...ALPFA is for YOU!

  • Meeting great people and experiencing diverse cultures...ALPFA is for YOU!


How we are different?

1. We are a small group with many resources and opportunities.
2. You have the chance of getting more one-on-one time with professionals from all Fortune 500 companies than other students at larger clubs.
3. We have contacts at the Big 4 accounting firms, Investment Banks, Retail Companies, and Entertainment Companies as well.
4. Our organization is a national organization with more than 300 professional and student chapters.
5. Our organization also sponsors its own National Convention. Each convention is held in a different city every year.


You have the comfort of an intimate group that has all the connections and resources you need to be as successful as you desire.



Portal Information


This organization is a reputable one. We have the support of both our National and Regional chapters, which as composed of both professionals and students. Not only do we offer the comfort of a small and intimate group of students, but we also offer students many resources. Meet recruiters, professionals, students, and leaders at different stages in their careers and in different industries. We are not limited to Latino students or Accounting and Finance majors. Our organization is growing daily and our desire is to expand our brand at Fordham. Whether you need help with a resume, skill building, interview skills, networking, internships and jobs; or if you just want to spend some time with a group of friends, ALPFA is the club for you! There are no GPA requirements and no fees to join.



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