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Welcome to the Food Science Club!



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In cooperation with the University of Idaho, the club's goal is to get students more involved with the food science department and the food industry. This is achieved through participation in IFT (Institute of Food Technologist) events as well as talks from guest speakers from the food industry. Other activities the club will participate in are food company tours, networking with other Food Scientists and students within the IFT community, creative food related activities, making friends, and having lots of FUN.



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WSU Food Science Human Nutrition Building

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5:30 PM

Meeting Location

FSHN 103/155

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The objectives of the Club are to foster a close relationship among the Food Science students, faculty, and other interested students at Washington State University; to encourage leadership, to acquaint students with areas of activity in Food Science and Technology, to promote greater interest in this profession. This includes involvement with the University of Idaho Food Science students. Finally, the Food Science Club will also function as a chapter of the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association (IFTSA). As a student chapter, we will make a point of encouraging attendance at IFT meetings and participating in IFT events/competitions.

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Jesse-Lee Stangland



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Sullivan Nevada


Vice President



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Rebecca Gisselle Velasquez




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Frank Younce, PE CFS

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