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Welcome to Actuarial Math Club!

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We are really excited about Tech Sync and hope you are too. We will be utilizing Tech Sync somewhat, but don't worry if you aren't feeling the love yet. We will still keep our email alias and the Google Docs Calendar so you can keep up-to-date.

About Us

The Actuarial Math Club is an organization with the goal of educating students about becoming an Actuary. What we do is different from the Career Development Center, in that we focus on becoming an actuary, not getting an internship or job. For some more information about this exciting career, see our Resources section.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email our officer board.


The Actuarial Math Club is unique in that there is not a membership requirement. In fact, there really are no "members". We welcome absolutely everyone to any event, from undecided first-year students to a senior about to start their career as an actuary. We do, however, ask that you attend an event or two before calling yourself a "member" on a resume, etc.

By joining us on Tech Sync or asking to be added to the alias by emailing John, you aren't committing yourself to anything besides some emails! Just as a note, if you are an Actuarial Mathematics major, you should already be getting our emails (lucky you!)

Events and Calendars

From now on, we will be listing our own events both on our Google Docs Calendar and on the Events tab to your left. However, the Google Docs Calendar will still be the only place we list other events, such as CDC events and exam registration deadlines. Please remember to read the disclaimer before using our Google Docs Calendar!

The officer board tries to schedule events that YOU want, such as:

  • Actuarial Certification Process Info Session
  • Excel/Access/SAS trainings
  • What do Actuaries Do? (Speakers)
  • Alumni Career Panel
  • Social Events

If you have an idea for an event, please let the officer board know!


Becoming an Actuary

Be an Actuary -informative website where you can learn about becoming an actuary and the early exam process

Society of Actuaries - website of one of the professional societies of Actuaries. Includes great resources such as a database of student programs and a directory of credentialed actuaries.

Casualty Actuary Society- another website of a professional society of Actuaries.

Actuarial Outpost - message board for Actuaries and Actuarial Students. Has great exam help forms!

WPI Resources

Career Development Center - they're awesome! The CDC will help you write a resume or cover letter, practice interviews with you, help you decide on a job and so much more. Seriously, just ask them and they can pretty much do anything. They also set up corporate information sessions and interviews with companies right on campus.

Job Finder - a website run by the CDC where you will find job postings and events. Everyone should have a Job Finder account! If you don't know how to make one, your username is your WPI student ID number and your password is the last 4 digits of your student ID plus your birth month and day. (Example: student ID# 333444555   Birthday Feb 14, 1990  Password=45550214)

Actuarial Club Google Docs Calendar - a suggested list of events for those interested in becoming an Actuary at WPI. Maintained by the officer board, so please read the disclaimer about errors and omissions!

Officer Board

John McGinn- President

Thomas Danko- Vice President

Jeremy John- Treasurer

Mikayla Dunbar- Secretary

Jon Abraham- Advisor/Actuarial Mathematics Program Coordinator

Remember, you can reach our officer board anytime here.

Portal Information


A group for students of any major interested in learning about becoming an Actuary. Members attend professional developmnent sessions, training and information sessions to learn about the career path. Come learn about this great job and connect with other future actuaries!


Professional/Career Development

Meeting Frequency
  • Monthly
President Name

John McGinn

President Email
Advisor or Coach Name

Jon Abraham

Advisor or Coach Email
Selection Process

What is your orgnaizations selection process for new and existing members

  • Open to all students