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Emily A. Kahanek
Jul 2, 2012

Documenting Volunteer Hours

Jul 2, 2012 by Emily A. Kahanek

It is easier than ever to keep track of your volunteer hours! 

1.) Select a volunteer opportunity from OrgSync, or find one one your own. (If interested in President's Volunteer Service Award, ensure volunteer event meets guidelines:

2.) Volunteer and DOCUMENT! Document your hours on organization letterhead and have your volunteer supervisor sign off on your hours.

3.) Then, upload a scan of your hours "time sheet" (or bring a copy to me in the office!) and document your hours on OrgSync: Click on "My Tools," then "Involvement" then "Add Involvement Entry."  Simply add the information about the volunteer event and write a brief reflection of THREE things you learned during your volunteer experience.

4.) SAVE!

If you have any OrgSync questions, please contact Mary Elise Ferrer in The Office of Student Life at 210-486-0125 or The Center of Civic Engagement at 210-486-0127