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Organization Overview

The purpose of the HBU-NSA is multi-faceted. BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) students are required to be members of this pre-professional organization. The NSA is actually a constituency of the Texas Nursing Students' Association and National Student Nurses Association. Students are given the opportunity to contribute and to participate in quality management of the nursing education program to assure proper preparation of student nurses for future assumption of professional responsibilities. The programs provided through NSA are devised by the students to represent both fundamental and current professional interests and concerns in the health care industry. The organization also strives to become more involved with the community and engage in health promotional opportunities.

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Category Professional
Keywords nursing, nurse, BSN
Meeting Day

Wednesday (once a month - see calendar)

Meeting Time


Meeting Location

LIB 100

President Name

Katie Kerbow

President Email
Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Mrs. Brenda Moore

Faculty/Staff Advisor Email Address

Each year, every group advisor must indicate his / her willingness to work with the organization as their official sponsor. Please enter your advisor's email so we can verify this.

Faculty/Staff Advisor School Title

Professor of Nursing

Vice President

Gus Calvillo

Email Address
Organization Email (if applicable)
Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

All nursing and pre-nursing students are welcome to join. As a nursing student, being a member of the organization is required for graduation.


If dues will be accepted, how much will they be and how often will they be collected?

Dues are collected the Fall of each year and are $24 for two years. The application form must be completed and submitted to the NSA box across from the nursing secretary's desk.

NSNA (National Student Nurses' Association) dues are $45 for one year, or $80 for two years and are the student's responsibility to pay and submit verification of membership to the Treasurer.

The student is responsible for maintaining their membership status with local and national organization in order to earn points. Points will not be given for anyone that is expired on one and/or both of their memberships.

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