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Welcome to the Outing Club

The primary goals of the WPI Outing Club are to promote outdoor activities and bring together people with common interests in the outdoors. The Outing Club promotes activities related, but not limited to: Camping, Rock Climbing, Hiking and Mountaineering, Boating, Slacklining, Mountain Biking, Skiing and Snowboarding

Those few outdoor activities are limited to the interests we have inside the club so far. If you have a great passion that involves the outdoors (for instance: white water rafting, spelunking, skydiving, etc... ) and are interested in having the Outing Club sponsoring you, don't be afraid to contact the officers at We are open to exploring trips and events for all outdoor activities!

Throughout this year we will be promoting several fun trips and events such as: beginner hiking trips to mountains in the northeast, camping trips to various locations, climbing at our very own bouldering wall, The CAVE (Open Monday to Friday, 7-10pm and Sunday 8:30-11pm), and at local crags in New England, slacklining on the quad, as well as many other things.

Reoccuring events we hold each year include a Back to School Trip at the start of A term, fall hiking trips (beginner as well as advanced level trips), Skiing and night Hiking at Wachusett Mt., winter "Camping on the Quad", overnight at Central Rock Gym in C/D term, and a climbing trip.

The OC mailing list and the club as a whole serves as a meeting place to find others who share similar outdoor interests. By connecting with the help of the club officers, smaller trips often form form on a more sporadic basis.

We also have a closet with a considerable amount of gear related to camping, winter hiking, and rock climbing. If you plan your own camping/hiking trips and need a sleeping bag for instance, we can lend you one.

To join the club contact

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Current Officers:

President -- Sarah Bucknam (,                                          

Vice President -- Sydney Gustafson (,                                   

Treasurer -- Marc Printz (

Secretary -- Theresa Cloutier (

Cave Manager -- Dan Perreault (

Equipment Manager -- Ben Child (

PR Officer -- Nick Benoit (



Portal Information


The purpose of the outing club shall be to: -Promote outdoor activity -Organize group trips -Provide a base for expeditions from WPI -Provide instruction in outdoor activities These purposes are consistent with the university mission by their intrinsically educating nature. Members will learn reverence for the environment and respect for their classmates. They will see physical applications of materials learned in classes. They will further their physical and mental fitness through teamwork and participation in groups.


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Meeting Frequency
  • Weekly
President Name

Sarah Bucknam

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Advisor or Coach Name

Fred Looft

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Selection Process

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  • Open to all students