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Organization Overview

The object of this Organization shall be to uphold the rights and accept the responsibilities for formulating and administering policies in student affairs; to define clearly and ensure the rights and responsibilities of students, individually and collectively; to secure valuable training and experience in democratic self-government; to promote a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions between students and administration; to provide cultural activities and entertainment for and in the general welfare of the students; and to cooperate with the administration and faculty in the promotion of University goals and maintenance of academic freedom.

Category Student Governance
Keywords SGA, Government, Procedures, Student Government, University Committee, Parking Appeals, Campus Observations, Projects, Social Issues, Elections Commission, Freshmen Senate
Organization Name

UTC Student Government Association

Organization Purpose

The Student Government Association at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga was first conceived in January 1914, when a group of students and faculty met to plan for an association of the student body. By February 1914, the Student Government Association was founded. The group included the titles of President, Secretary/Treasurer, Reporter, Yell Leader, Song Leader, and Pianist.

Today's student government serves as an advocate for your interests, and is constantly seeking student opinion. We hope to represent you and your interests to faculty, staff, and administrations across campus. SGA is truly here to represent and serve YOU!

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