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Phi Kappa Psi is one of the nation's strongest national fraternities, founded in 1852 at Jefferson College by William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore. The fraternity was formed when the founding members took care of an ill friend and decided during that night to form a group dedicated to ensconce the ideas of service towards others. More than 104,000 members have been initiated, at over 100 campuses across the country.

The Houston Baptist chapter was founded on November 30th 2005 and was nationally chartered on January 19th 2008. The Texas Zeta Chapter was founded in the aftermath of hurricane Rita when twelve men decided to found a fraternity that emphasized the bonds of brotherhood and service towards others.

Individual brothers have different reasons why Phi Psi attracted them to join. Some were driven by the bond between members, some sought lifelong friendships, but all agree that joining changed their lives. We provide a unique alternative to the other fraternities on campus. Our strong National Values, emphasis on Excellence, and Gentlemanly Conduct offer more to individuals than just the social aspect.

You may find Phi Psi's formal expression of high aspirations not only inspiring, but also an uplifting and wholesome stimulus. The bonds of brotherhood created through stated ideals bring together young men from every section of the country, from every stratum of society, and from every economic level, so that former strangers, now brothers in Phi Kappa Psi, share a common bond.

Phi Psi will encourage your success both by supporting your personal growth and development and by fostering helpful relationships between you and your chapter's alumni. Nationally, members of fraternities are more likely than students not involved in undergraduate organizations to continue their education to graduation, be more satisfied with their undergraduate experience, develop stronger loyalties to their colleges or universities, and donate back to the college later in life.

We seek to fulfill the beliefs of our founding fathers by example by forming brotherly bonds and being active within the community. We seek to go beyond the limits and strive for perfection morally, spiritually, and intellectually.

In the words of Phi Psi Woodrow Wilson, "We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world." 




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Phi Kappa Psi Texas Zeta currently consists of 23 young men ranging from freshmen to seniors. Our motto is "the great joy of serving others" and we pride ourselves on maintaning a high number of service hours not only on our campus but also the Houston area and abroad. Last year as a chapter we had 664 community service hours and we are looking to surpass that again this year. We offer a brotherhood that not only gives you a special relationship with your fellow brothers for the rest of your life but also trains you on how to be a leader. College turns boys into men and Phi Psi turns men into leaders. Our chapter will offer you many oppurtunities to hold officer positions as well as committee head positions so that you can showcase your individual talents to our brotherhood. Our events range from mixers with the other sororities on campus, tailgates for every football game, service projects, concerts and more. Our biggest event of the year is Jailbreak, where last year we partnered with with Elijah Rising to raise over $3,000, the largest grossing philanthropic event on campus. We believe firmly in academic excellence and will strive for our brothers to suceed both inside and outside the classroom. We have brothers in almost every major offered here at HBU and can tutor you and encourage you in your academic endeavors. We encourage you to reach out to us, ask questions, and come check us out in action!



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Dillon 1

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Taylor Watson

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Dr. Robert Towery

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Chemistry Professor

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Arsalan Rehman

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$425 a semester