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How much does it cost for a lunch /dinner for X amount of people?

All of the catering menus are available on-line. You should first figure out what your budget will be and what type of food you wish to serve. If you divide the amount you can spend by the number of guests you plan to serve you will come up with a per person cost. This amount will dictate what type of food you can afford. Typically, if you have between $5 and $10 per person, you will be looking at some type of snacks with beverages. Between $10 and $20 you could pick from the lunch packages or a higher grade of snacks / bakery / beverages. With $25 - $30 per person you will be in the range to have either a buffet or waited dinner. A typical “chicken entrée” dinner with two salads, chicken entrée, vegetarian entrée, starch, vegetable, dessert and coffee costs $26 per person.

There are additional charges, in some cases, for wait staff, linens, and table rentals.