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Hello Cougs!

Welcome to the Environmental Sustainability Alliance Cougsync page! The purpose of the ASWSU Environmental Sustainability Alliance is to work with organizations around campus in order to bring sustainability and environmental health to the front burner. Working with others allows for ideas to be discussed, projects to be designed, and change to be implemented, and also makes for a great community atmosphere. Please come join us and see how ESA can benefit you personally, as well as our community as a whole!

New members are always welcome regardless of major or field of study!

Portal Information


ASWSU Environmental Sustainability Alliance (ASWSU ESA) is dedicated to providing guidance for the WSU administration, ASWSU, and the greater student body, through specialized insight in all aspects of sustainability and environmental health. By fostering a sense of environmental stewardship within our organization, related RSO’s, and the general student body, we strive to change the student, faculty, and staff’s perception of how we interact with our environment and highlight the subsequent impact of those interactions.



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Pullman, WA

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Fulmer 204

General Description

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We are a group of students who work to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship at WSU. The ASWSU Environmental Sustainability Alliance (ESA) is an official committee of the WSU student government. ESA works together with other WSU committees and RSOs, as well as local and regional communities and nonprofits, to pursue sustainability, environmental protection, and conservation in many different ways.

ESA Role: ESA serves to coordinate and report on the environmental and sustainability efforts of ASWSU. We are allocated a budget from ASWSU each academic year to fulfill our duties to the student body. New ideas and suggestions from students or others are always welcome and highly encouraged. The ESA Chair attends monthly meetings of Committee Squared along with all other committee chairs and the ASWSU Vice President. The ESA Chair serves as a student member on President Schulz's Sustainability and Environment Committee. We also work closely with other organizations including the Center for Environmental Research, Education, and Outreach (CEREO), the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), University Recreation (UREC), the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI), GIVE, International Students Council, Engineers Without Borders, and other RSOs.

ESC Role: The Environmental Science Club of WSU is an RSO which provides an opportunity for students with common interests to share ideas and discuss relevant topics concerning environmental issues as well as involvement in campus activities concerning those issues. New or prospective members are welcome to attend meetings, regardless of major or intended field of study.

The purpose of the Environmental Science Club shall be to contribute to the University's sustainability programs and offer aid in promoting environmentally conscious activities on and around the University's campus. Members of the club will strive to provide leadership and education through these activities.

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New members always welcome regardless of major!


Please upload a constitution for the group. A template has been provided on the community homepage.

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Trevor Alkire



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Lydia Weddle


Vice President

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Ryan Anhold



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Shane Adams




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Phillip Sinapati

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