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Organization Overview

The Constitution of the Student Government Association of HBU was adopted October 18, 1963 by the first student body. It became operative in 1966-67 with all four undergraduate classes organized. Student government at HBU is exercised through the Student Association. All full-time undergraduate students (12 semester hours or more) become members of this Association upon registering. Each spring, officers of the Association are elected for the following year. The legislative body is Student Government Association (SGA), which is comprised of representative students from all Colleges and University and at-large membership. Student officers serve as the spokespersons for students and seek to foster the recognition of privileges and responsibilities of the students of the university community.

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Keywords Student, government
Meeting Day

Every other Monday

Meeting Time


Meeting Location

Lake House Parlor

President Name

Ryle Scribner

President Email
Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Whit Goodwin

Faculty/Staff Advisor Email Address

Each year, every group advisor must indicate his / her willingness to work with the organization as their official sponsor. Please enter your advisor's email so we can verify this.

Faculty/Staff Advisor School Title

Vice President for Student Life

Vice President

Kelsey Engel

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Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Student Government Association is democratically formed. Any student wishing to join must fill out an application, which are available at set times during every Spring and Fall semester. The student then campaigns for general voting and, if elected, is sworn in as a member of SGA.


If dues will be accepted, how much will they be and how often will they be collected?

We do not require dues.