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Welcome to Mock Trial!

Hello everyone I see that there are several people that are interested and I want to get this up and running again so if you are looking to get involved then email me at so that we can work on setting up a new meeting time. 



We have a Facebook group, and if you would like to join, just post on the wall and you will be sent an invite.


As previously stated, we have our case in and waiting to be distributed. Beginning next week
(Oct. 31), please contact Jonathan by e-mail ( so that you can set up a
meeting with him to obtain your own physical copy.


Physical copies of this season's case will be distributed next week starting Monday, Oct 31 (Halloween).


We have received our case. Stay tuned for our announcement for our next meeting.


*Hello everyone,

Thanks again to everyone who has shown interest in Mock Trial. In order to set a convenient date for
future meetings, we are asking those interested to please send their class schedules to Jonathan (, so that we can correlate something. Also, please tell us whether you live on campus (and if not, how long of a commute
it takes to get there) and whether or not you’re willing to do weekends.

Thanks, that’s all for now.



At our first meeting, Professor Hoffman circulated some useful handouts that we should familiarize ourselves with. It's a great resource to look at since we haven't received our case yet. In this email, I've attached the rules of evidence and the rulebook. The rulebook isn't quite as crucial because it mostly deals with things pertaining to the administration, but it is still worth examining. In addition to these attachments, I've also added a website link below. On the website, you will be able to find anything relating to intercollegiate mock trial. In the meantime, take a look at these resources. We can expect to receive our case in a couple of weeks.

The attachments can be found to the left under files.

The American Mock Trial Association (AMTA)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime.

Portal Information


Mock trial is an educational experience that will challenge our abilities in competition against other schools. In mock trial, students will play as attorneys and witnesses in a simulated case that is prepared by the American Mock Trial Association, the governing body of intercollegiate mock trial.



President's Name

Andrew Baker

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Andrew Baker

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Andrew Baker

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Andrew Baker

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Federick G. Hoffman, J.D.

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Special Instructor of Legal & Ethical Studies

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