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 The WPI Club Sports Program offers competitive, instructional and recreational sports opportunities for WPI students during the traditional academic year (August-May).  Designed to improve and compliment the quality of campus life, these programs also promote and develop common sports related interest.  The program relies heavily on active student involvement, management, and decision making, providing opportunities for students to develop and refine their own leadership and organizational skills.

Club Sports Office
Sports & Recreation Center Room #339
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01605

Club Sports Office Hours (office hours are subject to change each term)
Wednesday:   2pm - 4pm
Thursday:       9am - 12pm
You may also request a meeting with the Associate Athletic Director/Club Sports through Outlook Calendar using the Schedule Assistant.


Club Sports Teams 

Alpine Ski Team
To improve the basic skiing skills that students possess through ski racing.


Badminton Club
Provides recreational badminton practice, for WPI faculty, staff and students. A school sports club concentrate on weekly practice and an annual tournament in the fall.

Ballroom Dancing Club
Learn to Ballroom Dance, compete with other college students and come social dancing with the WPI Ballroom Dance Team!


Billiards Club
We are a social club with the goal of catering to our wide variety of skill leveled players at billiard.


Cheerleading Team
Promote school spirit and provide support and encouragement for WPI athletic teams.

Cricket Club
Cricket is a bat-and-ball team game. WPI cricket Club currently comprises of 45 active members. Cricket club related activities usually take place once or twice every week. D term is really special for cricket club as Cricket Tournament is held in this term where four teams comprising of Undergraduates students, Graduate students, Undergrad Alumni and Grad Alumni compete against each other for yearly championship.

Cycling Club
A group of students who share a common interest in mountain, road or other biking.

Dance Team
The WPI Dance Team promotes endurance, strength and flexibility, and unity. The team has several levels of commitment dependent on the member. Through the team, it can be used solely as a class, it can be taken further to performance, or the ultimate commitment with the competition team. The team is meant to inspire creativity and as an outlet to release stress.


Fencing Club Team
The WPI Fencing Club is a competitive and instructional club, open to students, staff or faculty members who are interested in Fencing.

Freestyle Wrestling Club
Focuses on Freestyle & Greco Roman Forms of Wrestling. The Wrestling club is made of mostly varsity wrestlers although welcomes everyone.

Golf Club offers the chance for WPI students to play golf for an affordable membership rate. We also offer PE credit and a tournament team for those interested in competing against other schools in New England.           /


Ice Hockey Club Team
The WPI Ice Hockey team strives to be top contenders in the North East Collegiate Hockey Association, while maintaining high academic standards. Provides an opportunity to compete in the sport of ice hockey at the Club Level


Karate Club
This club practices the art of Shotokan Karate and judo, and has existed in WPI for more than 20 years. The purpose of this club is to improve the physical, mental and spirtual of the participating indiivuals by following the teachings of Master Ginchin Funakosi and his esteemed student, Tsutomu Ohshima.              /   


Men's Lacrosse Club Team
Provides the opportunity to compete against other college teams in the Pioneer Club Lacrosse League (PCLL) of lacrosse.


Women's Lacrosse Club Team
Provides the opportunity to compete against other college women's teams in the New England Women's Lacrosse League. The team practices about 3 times a week during D-term and plays around 10 games in a season. Players receive credit towards their physical education requirements.

WPI Outing Club
Promotes outdoor activities through informal trips and expeditions and bring together people with common interests in the outdoors. Activities include hiking, mountaneering, camping, rock climbing/bouldering, slacklining, and skiing/snowboarding.


Pep Band
The WPI Pep Band supports the Football and Basketball teams at their homes games. During football season, the band performs a full marching show, supported buy the colorguards. During basketball season, the band plays at the men's and women;s games from the stands.

The general purpose of this organization is to form together a group of people that all have an interest in racquetball and want to improve their skills by playing with other members or in different tournaments against other racquetball clubs around WPI.


Roller Hockey
Our co-ed team plays in a men's roller hockey league, suitable for all experience and skill levels, in Uxbridge, MA. Similar to ice hockey, the game follows the same principles, except on a smaller rink, no contact, wearing roller blades and much less padding. The games are fast-paced and full of excitement! The team is always looking for new, enthusiastic players.


Men's Rugby Club Team
To promote the sport of Rugby at WPI, the program is both competitive and instructional because most of our players are new to the sport, is it open for anyone. Men's club rugby team competes in NERFU Division III.


Women's Rugby Club Team
Promotes the sport of Women's Rugby at WPI.

Men's Volleyball Club Team
WPI men's club volleyaball team strives to compete at the highest level. They compete against other teams in the New England Collegiate Volleyball League (NECVL). Practices are held 2-3 times per week and tournaments are played 4-8 times per year. Club volleyball is a great way to continue playing volleyball at a competitive level.


Sailing Club Team
The Sailing Team is for people of all sailing abilities, from those who just want to learn, to those who want to advance their racing techniques. We compete in multiple regattas, or races, every fall against other colleges in the New England region. The Sailing Team is about getting out on the water, sailing fast and having fun while doing it. The sailing team competes in the North Eastern Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA).


Scuba Club
The WPI Scuba Club is a group of certified scuba divers that meets in A and D terms to go diving, often in the Cape Ann area. Scuba diving gives us the chance to explore and see all the amazing plants and animals that live in the sea. We also host a scuba certification class through Central Mass Scuba that can count as PE credit for those students who wish to get involve with the sport.


Ski & Snowboard Club
Club for skiers & snowboarders interested in taking trips to local resorts or participating in activities such as ski tuning or ski movie viewing.

Society of Martial Arts (SOMA)
The society of Martial Artists is an organization at WPI dedicated to the promotion of martial arts, self defense, and the development of the mind, body and spirit. In practical terms, SOMA gives active martial arts practitioners access to equipment and a training floor, offers martial arts instructors an opportunity to hold lessons on campus, and gives students the opportunity to learn basic self defense skills and to train in-depth in certain styles.


Soccer Club Team
We are a co-ed organized for students who wish to continue playing competitive soccer. Our team plays in the Northeastern Conference League. However, if you love to play soccer and just want to have fun and play a little, we welcome you to come and practice with us. We have a great coach who will work to improve your skills no matter what level you are.


Social Dance Club
The Social Dance Club teaches a variety of social dances, typically including salsa, swing, and tango, throughout the year by hosting weekly dance lesson and socials.

Table Tennis Club
Play Table tennis at WPI


Tennis Club
We are a club team who try tor un like a varsity squad. Each position is determined by a ladder. We practice daily and have matches usually every weekend. We compete in the Northeast Club Tennis League.

Ultimate Frisbee Club Team
WPI Ultimate is played at all levels, from beginner pick up games to National level college championship tournaments. Intramurals are played each fall with 150 students competing twice a week. Lessons are given on catching, throwing, and strategies before scrimmaging each night. On the competitive side, WPI Ultimate is comprised of 2 teams: an A-team and a B-team.


Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club
Ultimate frisbee for women who want to play and learn the game. We form part of the USA Ultimate.


Underwater Hockey Club
This club introduces students to the sport of underwater hockey. Students will play scrimmages of the WPI pool and occasionally play against other teams..


Water Polo Club Team
An instructional club that trains players of all levels and competes against schools. A good combination of competition, and fun.

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