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NASA Entrepreneur workshop

Thursday, Nov 16, 6 pm
Gardner Living Room

We will be hosting Jared Yazzie, the owner of OXDX Clothing. Jared is Navajo Indian and will speak about owning a native business, overcoming obstacles and the inspiration behind his art work. 

Bio "OXDX Clothing is a Native American owned business based out of Chandler, Arizona. Owner, designer, and artist Jared Yazzie (Diné - Navajo) has been producing artwork since 2009 to increase awareness of Native issues and to show the beauty of Native culture. "OXDX" is an abbreviation of...

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Navajo Frybread Sale

Tuesday, Apr 25, 11:30 am
Gardner Plaza/ Gardner North Grass

Nasa will be doing a Navajo Frybread sale as a fundraiser for the club. We will hold it along the Diagonal/Gardner building. We will be making traditional bread and selling it. THere will be honey, powdered sugar and also salt. 

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NASA Opening Social

Hello students, 

Welcome back to a new semester. We are excited to announce our opening social TODAY January 20th at 5 PM in the Multicultural and Diversity Center. We will be watching a half hour video from MTV's Rebel Music and then discuss the new song release by artist Frank Waln. There will be light refreshments. Hope to see you there. 


Bryson James updated the event Diversity Week (NASA) Taste Around The World

Bryson James updated the event Diversity Week NASA Event

NASA Meeting

Wednesday, Nov 28, 4 pm
MCDC (Multicultural Diversity Center) Lounge

Meet and discuss with our conglomerate about future endeavour to benefit the club in the near future; most importantly benefiting our club members with enlightenment. Making our Presence known!

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