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Founded by Levaun Wilkins and Ludzi Mgadla

 Hello my name is Kendall Pitts and I am the new  president of BSU ( Black Student Union) for the 2016-2017 year. I am very excited for this opportunity to be the President of this club. BSU, is a club that can provide unity for students on and off campus. Being the president of this club comes with great responsibility and much reward. The friendships that you will build in this club will come with great value, the types of relationships formed here turn into family. We have some of the best students Dixie has to offer in our club. My goals and aspirations for BSU is to promote change and diversity here on the Dixie campus, as well as creating a brother/ sisterhood within our club. With that being said I also would like to promote our new theme for this year: Stand up and Stand out. Providing students with the opportunity to really educate themselves and others on what it means to be a Black Student and how we can come together to make a positive impact on campus as well as the community. BSU wants everyone to see what family, love and unity is all about! I understand that not everyone is going to agree or understand certain topics we will discuss in our weekly meetings and not everyone that joins this club will be Black, however that does not mean we don't value each and every persons opinions. We are going into this school year with high aspirations and great ideas to make diversity  stand out on this campus, because we are one.

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Black student union's mission is to cultivate an understanding of black cultures, its people and their accomplishments and how it pertains to others in our society.
We also would like to embrace the diverse cultures at Dixie State University. Educate members of the community as a whole about the history and present life of black cultures. Raise awareness and encourage others to learn more about different black ethnicity. BSU has meetings on every other Thursday's at 6:45pm in the Gardner Conference Room C. Come out and join our club!


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  • Thursday
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MIC office ( Browning Building upstairs)

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Kendall Pitts

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Lizzie Range

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Dojao Hicks

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