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Welcome to the DePaul Dems' OrgSync! We're so excited that you've visited our page and we hope to see you at a meeting soon! Our meetings are on every Tuesday at 8:30pm-9:30pm in Arts and Letters Room 409!

The best way to get involved with the DePaul College Democrats is by liking our Facebook Page:

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We are a group dedicated to advocating for progressive ideals, and democratic principles. We often have events, guest speakers and debates on campus. We are dedicated to political action and involvement and offer many opportunities for DePaul Students to get involved in their community, whether it be local, statewide or nationwide.


Activist/Political Student Organizations

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Student Organization Email
President Name

Nassir Faulkner

Treasurer Name

Gabie Hart


The DePaul College Democrats are committed to increased political conversation and political involvement on DePaul's campus. We strive to promote openness and fairness among our members and in our meetings, and we are dedicated to creating a campus that's more politically active and aware of the world around us.


Please list at least three goals your organization wishes to achieve during the 2015-2016 school year.

1. We would like to see increased membership among older students. This year, over half of the regular meeting attendees (excluding executive board) consisted of freshmen, and we'd like to see greater participation from students from all of the different schools on campus.
2. We would like to create a more politically aware/active student body within DePaul, and involve ourselves in a leadership role within the various political debates and discussions that occur here at DePaul University
3. We would like to expand our successes that we had with the Mix & Greet, Debate, and Guest Speaker by continuing these things next year and expanding upon our influence here at DePaul University.
4. We would like to have at least half of our members working in a political internship, job, or volunteer opportunity. We believe it's crucial that we have our members involved in local, state, and federal politics.
5. We will help elect a new wave of Democratic leaders in the 2014 midterm elections. We believe it's crucial to keep Illinois as a Democratic stronghold and a center for Progressive policies and politics.

Organization Highlights

Please list the main events/programming that your organization is known for on campus. If you are registering a new student organization, please list the main events/programming that your organization is planning to bring to campus.

Political internship opportunities.
GOTV efforts (get out the vote).
Networking events with Illinois Politicians.
Debates with the College Republicans.
Fun events, opportunities to build friendships.

Student Organization Advisor Name

All student organizations are required to have and maintain an advisor to be considered a registered student organization. Please provide the full name of your intended advisor.

Daniel Kamin